A Big Break From Aduana…

The biggest pain in my ass is driving to the Ecuador border every 90 days to renew our vehicle permit. From Huanchaco it takes 20 hours (2 days driving) to do a border run. The road sucks, and the traffic is dangerous.

In a few days we’re moving down to Lima which is right in the middle of Peru. From there it would take 40 hours (4 days driving) to do a border run, of which I would have to do TWO more times before we leave Peru. That’s unacceptable.

So we set off to find a loop hole in the law. Our big break came when we found a Peruvian willing to help us. We found a way to pause the permit once we get to Lima, thus negating any further border runs. Yes, we’ll have to forge a document or two, but the risk is worth it. (We’re not going to list the details of how to do this online, but if you want to know just email us).

We absolutely love living in Peru, BUT, it can be more than frustrating trying to get anything done here. For example, people who work in immigration, aduana, post offices, doctor offices, and grocery stores really aren’t interested in helping you. Forget trying to get questions answered on the phone. You have to go talk to people face to face, then you have to hammer them for answers. When you get the answers, you have to check them before you leave.  For instance, if they give you a phone number, make them call it before you exit the building.  Nine times out of ten they’ve given you the wrong number just to get you out of their face. I’m not exaggerating.

Having said that, we do truly love this country and all of Latin America for that matter. It’s not that the people are apathetic. They’re not. When upset about an issue, they easily take to the streets to protest, and we love that about them.

Imagine if we taught our kid’s in the USA to embrace this type of activism. Instead we criminalize it.

I better stop now before I climb up on my soap box.

Now that we have the crux of the vehicle permit sorted out, we’re enjoying our last few days here in Huanchaco.

This town has been really good to us, and we’ll miss it greatly. It would be convenient and comforting to say, “oh, we’ll be back”. But we won’t. This is it. We’re heading south now.

So in a few days it’s adios Huanchaco. Have a nice life. Sprinter Life will miss you.




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  1. Stevie you look amazing in the sunset pic with the dogs! Do you have to work through any sense of loss leaving a place you’ve been for so long? Or are you just totally pumped about the next adventure?

    • Hey Malia,
      We’re totally pumped for the next adventure. This is the longest we’ve stayed in one place and we’re both feeling ready to blast.

  2. I’m sure you’ve checked this but…. in Chile, after 90 days I can pay $100, do some paperwork so as not to leave for another 90 days. And then I HAVE to leave…. but then it’s every 6 months,which is easy. All legal.

    Ummmmm….. Mongo???????

    • Hi Lorraine,
      We don’t have that option on the vehicle permit in Peru. Sure wish we did. We’re working another angle though, so hopefully it works out.

      We have an update on Mongo coming this weekend. Stay tuned…

  3. Ah Huanchaco. It was a lovely interlude . . .
    Stevie, you are the most BEAUTIFUL mama!
    And yes . . . we are all waiting to hear . . . Mongo?

  4. I want that boat! Strap it to the hood of the car! You can do it! 🙂 I just painted my guest room and bathroom can’t wait for you guys to visit!!

  5. I have really loved the city just from the amazing blogs you guys have sent. From finding Mongo to the blog about the “Navy Seal’ it has been one heck of a ride and I can understand why you would miss such fond, funny (Tree’s fan) all the people …Julio and his girl , the school and all the things in between.
    The apartment looked so quaint and comfy ….Just EVERYTHING about the place is part of your journey and as Nomads go, it was a long stop on the road to destiny. So all in all I can see why the city will leave an everlasting memory of the Sprinter Life story. So it’s off to Lima where if things were just a little bit different I would be getting ready to be adopted and collected!! My plan (which I will explain soon mightb just include Lima as my starting point for my own adventure. Untill then Take care of your precious cargo and may the road be smooth and the blogs, as always just keep getting better.

    P.S. I barowed a Rosetta Stone Spanish CD set from a friend so There goes another step in the journey to see and experience the rest of the Americas. I’m DETERMINED.

    • Hey Willy!! Thank you for such a wonderful comment. We’ve really enjoyed sharing our time in Huanchaco with you on the blog too. Even though it was a long, and unexpected, time in one place, it was definitely a worthy town to post up and be pregnant for a while. It’s really such a magical place. Plus, I’m really going to miss our friends, my meetings with my Huanchaco in Action/School ladies, the long walks on the beach with the dogs…..so much! This is always the hard part about our nomadic life….leaving the friends we make along the way to continue our journey. At the same time, this is also why I love keeping the blog. It allows us a way to bring everyone with us and share our adventures with the people we cherish…like YOU! So, here’s to Huanchaco! Here’s to Lima! And here’s to all the people that make our lives special!

      By the way, I can’t wait to hear more about the ‘plan’!!! It sounds exciting, especially if it’s starting in Lima. And I love the ‘determined’ attitude. That’s exactly what you need…just keep pushing forward, poco a poco, and you’ll make it happen. Good job on the Rosetta Stone studies. Being able to speak spanish has enriched my experience immensely. Stay disciplined.

      Much love buddy!

  6. Yeah- time to move on. I am sure you will miss those lefts.. but will be back.

  7. Jose Oscar Acevedo says:

    A dream..!!

  8. Helen McAdory says:


  9. Time to get ready for baby. You have made so many wonderful memories there that you will keep forever! is Mongo going with you? Great pics as always!

  10. Miin Chan says:

    why don’t you guys just register your car in peru, which would be the legal way to do it? you have been there for ages. does it cost too much? anyways, sending you lots of love and light!! exciting times!

  11. Dan Lang says:

    great photo Stevie!

  12. Tim Widmer says:

    Kayaking in Lima looks really cool. Are they looking for any instructors down there?

  13. Anne Kaffeekanne says:

    I thought you’d come back 🙁

  14. Judy Shuman says:

    ‎” A little piece of Heaven! ” ~ Sweeeeeeet! ~ ♥

  15. Aaron DeHart says:

    I can’t believe you guys are moving to Lima. A friend and I feel it’s one of the worst cities on the planet. I was there for two days and we were mugged twice. And for first and only time while traveling, I cried. I couldn’t wait to get to the amazon…where Peru redeemed herself. Sketchy. Stevie, worried about the medical coverage during the birth.

  16. hi u guys this is my new email address please reply so I can be sure you got it Iam freaking OUT!!!

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