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Our world is facing many critical challenges. Gone are the days when apathy was an acceptable behavior. Stevie and I believe that we have a responsibility to take action, to create change, and this begins with awareness.

We’ve created a page on Sprinter Life where we list what we’re watching, reading, and writing. This page is located in our top navigation bar and is called Awareness. You can visit this new page now, just… 

If you have a good video or book suggestion, please email us and we’ll check it out. We welcome your suggestions.

Suerte – Tree & Stevie





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  1. Thank you son…the “Road To Awareness” has become my source of knowledge and information. Love you both.

  2. A most life-changing book…for your personal health and the planet’s health: “Food Revolution” John Robbins.
    It’s unbelievable!!

  3. Here is a great book that sums up the giveaway to big business at the expense of the average taxpayer and MANY thousands of good paying US jobs:

    “Free Lunch”

    Free Lunch answers the great mystery of our time: How did our strong and growing economy give way to job uncertainty, debt, bankruptcy, and fear for millions of Americans? Acclaimed reporter David Cay Johnston reveals how government policies and spending have reached deep into the wallets of the many to benefit the top 1% of the wealthiest.

    He shows exactly who has been getting free lunches from the government?from $100 million to Warren Buffett, to $1.3 billion to the owners of the Yankees and Mets. But of course there?s really no such thing as a free lunch. The taxpayer always picks up the bill. With his in depth reporting, vivid stories, and sharp analysis, Johnston reveals the forces that shape our everyday economic lives?and shows us how we can finally make things better.

    A fascinating if not daunting read it is. The backwards slide is only going to continue until the money train slows to a crawl.

    Take care,


  4. Anonymous says:

    great idea. thanks for so many good links

  5. mamatuyas says:

    Keep up the good fight. Ignorance is the enemy.

  6. Aaron Lemke says:

    Free Condoms and Toilet Seats for all!!!!!

  7. Don’t believe everything you read. Everyone’s got an agenda. And Michael Moore really got suckered by the Cubans on their healthcare–what an idiot he was not to see through the crap they piled on him. I’ve been there and seen the real healthcare that the poor Cubans have to tolerate. LIttle medicine, few supplies, old and out-dated equipment. The good stuff is upstairs for the party elite and tourists.

    • Hi Paty. Wow, I think I’m gonna have to let Stevie reply to this one. Give her a day or so cause she has some things going on right now.

      We’ve also been to Cuba and have very good friends who live there (native). It is her favorite country. The various issues of Cuba contain AWESOME multi layered topics that can be analyzed through so many different angles. But at the end of almost every examination of every problem you will find the same thing… The United States Of America. Read the history.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Check out Prince Charles’ book ‘Harmony’ very insightful from an unexpected source, a bit of hope from the UK, shame he’ll never be king!

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