This just in… Flying a street Dog is NOT easy!

Our first week in the big city was anything but relaxing! We had a lot to do upon arrival, not the least of which was getting Mongo on a plane to his new home in San Diego. What on God’s green earth ever made us think this was going to be an easy task? 

First Try:

We failed. Mongo missed his flight on Saturday because the retarded agent told us the flight left at 1pm. Turns out it was 1am. He also forgot to tell us that there were 1000 steps we needed to take before getting him on the plane. Oh, and at the last minute we found out that none of it mattered anyway because the airport customs office was closed all weekend for Patriots day, a key detail also left out.

I was pissed, but Stevie was happy since we got to keep Mongo for a few more days.

Second Try:

That happiness faded on Monday when she returned to the airport alone. I had a doctors appointment for my ear and was not able to go, but we hired a driver to go and help out. We figured it was only going to take a couple hours. She spent over NINE hours at the airport trying to get him on the flight.

It was hell. She compared it to trying to cross all the borders in Central America in one day. Ouch. This just in… apparently flying a Peruvian street dog alone on a plane to the United States Of America isn’t a walk in the park.

I felt bad for the driver who signed up for what we thought was a 2 hour tour. This photo was taken in the customs office about 6 hours into the day. The look he is giving Stevie as he babysits Mongo says it all…

What the f#ck did you get me into Gringa? 

We ended up giving the driver a hundred bucks and he was fine, but the day was a complete shit show. Eventually Stevie got all the legal paper work finished and said goodbye to Mongo. She was a champ. I love my girl.

One more time, a special thanks to the dozens of people who donated to pay for Mongo’s passage. Well played.

And so, one chapter closes and a new one opens. As someone recently said on Sprinter Life,

“It was so nice of Mongo to adopt Malia and Matt.”

Take good care of him guys. He’s a winner.


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  1. Hooooo Haaaa Mongo!!
    Can wait to hear all about your adventures.
    Stevie….. Amazing girl.

  2. We are so stoked for him! I hope to hear many more tales of adventure from that awesome little dog and thanks to you guys for everything you did!

  3. Ronald Tafur says:

    Gringooo mangooo see you soon

  4. mamatuyas says:

    Ah Stevie, your love knows no bounds. . . you have seen your little perrito off into his new life with determined devotion. Wow. Your karma has GOT to be insanely beautiful.
    NOW – settle into your lovely new apartment and get some rest. Let all be well. . .

  5. Simko (San Diego resident) says:

    I’ve notified the SDPD, the fire dept, the SD lifeguards, the FBI, the humane society, Jerry Brown ( the mayor), and all my neighbors that Mongo is coming. MONGO IS COMING! Hide your children and lock up the booze Mongo is coming. Mongo, you better behave this is America and we have rules and taxes. Welcome pero.

  6. Well done Stevie, well done!

  7. Wow-you freaking flew a Peruvian dog to the states. That is sick! So glad for all parties involved.

  8. Donna Clary says:

    Really great, all your patience and sacrifice for this sweetie.

  9. Chris Bg says:

    woooo mangOOOO!!!! wooooo no me digas que te llevaste a MANGOOO???!!!! buuuuu!!!

  10. Ursula Martìnez says:

    ‎:'( hay dio mio stevie ahora estamos con el mismo sentimiento desde que el me dejo de hco…. una nuevay buena vida para ti bebe!! pronto nos volveremos aver te lo juro!!

  11. Lilian Caballero says:

    pongan fotitos con su nueva familia 🙂

  12. Losd Eduardo says:

    Que bella Historia!!!! amigos felicidades!!! hermosa hermosa historia! otro final feliz = ) …estas bellas hisotrias nos motiva a ser trabajando por estos angelitos de cuatro patas : ) felicidades Larga vida para MANGO!!!!

  13. Layla Morrell says:

    Maybe he can come and visit next time you guys are in town and we could meet him.

  14. Mick Evans says:

    Deep breaths Mongo.I entered the US 40 years ago (sans cage) and never regretted it 🙂


  16. Kathy Mueller Hansen says:

    I hope we will still get updates on our friend Mongo!!

  17. Judy Shuman ‎ says:

    I’m going to cry, I’m so happy for you and your precious darling Mongo! ~ ♥

  18. Cyndi Morrell says:

    Oh drats! Another Chargers’ fan.

  19. Mongo love Stevie. Don’t know about airports. Mongo just pawn in game of life. xo

  20. Jene Fielder says:

    Welcome to the USA, Mango…Now behave yourself!

  21. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Teri Hogan says:

    I was waiting for an update. Aww Stevie it must have been hard to let him go a nd he was probably sad to see you go….and Tree and Kiki. He’s a lucky dog, Goin to (North) America to live with his new humans Malia and Matt. Bon Voyage Mango!

  23. Lucky dog to be so loved

  24. Good luck Mongo! And Stevie you are so dedicated and amazing to stick with Mongo through all of this!

  25. so….per FB Mongo looks absolutely THRILLED with his new home (although I’m sure he misses you terribly!) but…is his name Mango as a mistake or did his name change in transit to the US?

    • Hey Rhonda,
      His name is Mongo. Which is spanish for Mango, as in the fruit. So we call him Mongo. But when Ursula set up his FB page, she used the english version figuring he was heading to the USA. But we all use the Spanish version. I know… confusing. 🙂

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