Moving To Lima

The last week has been a slow process of packing everything we own back into the van for our big move to Lima. For those of you who missed the announcement, Lima is where we plan to give birth. (click here to remember).

So our hang in Huanchaco is ending after 10 months, which fits perfectly into our new slow-living nomadic lifestyle. Where we obviously went wrong was in the accumulation of new shit. We abused, broke, and flat out disrespected Sprinter Life rule #3…

‘Nothing goes into the van unless something else is removed’

What the hell is this?  Who authorized the purchase of a giant juicer? Oh… that was me? Never mind then. Carry on…

One of the nice things about staying in one place for 10 months was that we got to make some great friends. The night before we left Huanchaco, they threw Stevie a baby shower. Thank you guys. We’re going to miss you all. We love you!

In Mongo news, we’re happy to announce that due to your incredible generosity, we’ve raised enough money to buy his ticket to San Diego! We just finished getting all of the legal paperwork done, so he flies out on Saturday!

Sprinter Life friends are the best.

You guys really stepped up. We couldn’t believe how many people got on board. It wasn’t just one or two monster donors. It was a bunch of people giving $5-10 dollars with a few fifties thrown in. Together we all made it happen. Thank you for saving Mongo’s life.

We’re not sure who will be missed more in Huanchaco, us or Mongo? He is both famous and loved. Especially by Ursula, his favorite late night date. Although we won’t be doing any more posts on Mongo, please friend him on facebook to follow his adventures! Click Here.

So, on to the big move. We left Huanchaco at 6am and punched out the long drive just in time to roll into Lima at rush hour. I hate driving in this city. It’s the worst.

But we made it to our new apartment in Mira Flores and managed to unload the same day.

We were in Lima for less than 24 hours before we received our first visitors. Well… actually they came to see Mongo. They live in Lima and had heard that Mongo was leaving the country. They tracked down our cell number, then came to our apartment to say goodbye to him. Random. I’m not kidding. This really happened.

Like I told you… Mongo is famous in Peru. 

Anyway, we’re ridiculously stoked with our new pad. Maybe we’ve just been south of the border too long, but we were shocked and ecstatic when we turned on the tap and it had hot water. That’s the kind of thing that really wows me these days. 

Yep, our burn rate just went through the ceiling. We’ll be living it up for the next few months, but we deserve it.


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  1. Glad to here to move went well and Mongo’s growing celebrity… and I can’t wait to see how you pack the van after you accumulate all the standard issue baby stuff!

    • Hey Jason,
      Yeah, it’s going to be interesting to see how the van comes together post-baby. The plan is to move more up to the roof. We’ll see. Might have to sell more gear!
      Thanks again for your help with Mongo! Hope you guys are enjoying the states. You boys clean up nice!

    • Do you know the term for the scale of all of the additional stuff you find yourself toting around when you have a child?…


  2. mamatuyas says:

    Bye bye Mongo. The world loves you. May you be happy.

  3. Andrea Greever says:

    Kiki might have a broken heart after Mongo leaves 🙁

    • both Kiki and Mongo will be heartbroken for a while. I’ve never seen two dogs make out like these two do. Plus, I’m really going to miss having Mongo around while we go on walks. On more than one occasion, Mongo intervened to protect Kiki. He is such a noble boy.

  4. Mark Avery says:

    guilt is useless…be happy

  5. Suzanne says:

    Congrats on the new pad and hot running water. It’s the small things in life, right? Good luck on your journey Mongo! Looking great Stevie!

  6. Judging from the photo, looks like you have ELECTRICITY too!!!! Wow…
    Good luck on Mongo! I’ll be friending him. 🙂

  7. F’ N dog works facebook better than me. He has more friends too.

    Lima looks comfy for you guys. Enjoy it during your preparation for my special little gal. Be well.

  8. Aunt Debby & Uncle Barry says:

    Glad you made it safe and sound to Lima. You place looks like a palace. Stevie you look terrific! I know you are going to miss Huanchaco and how is Kiki going to feel when Mongo leaves and is replaced by the baby. Poor Kiki. Love and miss you all!

  9. John Wilson says:

    Wow – nice digs, guys! Enjoy the hot water, it’s part of the deal, right?

  10. Astrid Sicola says:

    God, isn’t that amazing when that happens? Hot water, just like that? Nice place you have here….

    I think Mongo is going to be totally bewildered and scared. He doesn’t know the people who are picking him up, he is going to wonder where his humans are and all of that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he has a permanent home, but it is going to be really rough for him.

    • I know. That part breaks my heart. I wish I could explain to him what’s going on and that we’re making this decision because we love him and want the best for him. It’s going to be a rough couple of weeks of adjustment for him, but I know that he’ll be so loved and well cared for that the pain of transition will be worth it. On a funnier note, having him here in Lima has been like a scene out of The Gods Must Be Crazy. He freaked out and peed himslef the first time we took him in the elevator. Now he just hits the deck, spreads out and hugs the ground until it stops. Everything is so new to our little Huanchaco boy. Usually, it’s Mongo that is so tough and Kiki who’s afraid, but here in the big city, Kiki, who has been to 13 countries and counting, is having to show Mongo the ropes. He did a lot better today than yesterday though…it will be a process.

  11. Victoria Hubler says:

    Wow!!! Nice digs!!

  12. John Rich says:

    Mongo will be just fine. Dogs adapt very easily and bond with whoever feeds and cares for them and shows them love and respect. I had to give away my late father’s seven year old bulldog last year and he instantly bonded with his new family (good friends of mine). He is happy and healthy and loving life more than ever from what I hear. I’ve seen him twice since giving him away and he looks fit and happy as always. Don’t worry about Mongo.

  13. David Leher says:

    The Black Dog on the couch..kiki..start the book now! For children Stevie..I will do the art! Write it down kiki..

  14. Mauricio Arredondo says:

    Que lujo Tree…

  15. Alexander Roberts says:

    We can have the hot water – and the cold too – turned off – if that would relieve some of your guilt – how far is it to the river ?

  16. Vanessa Díaz says:

    q lindooo me encantaaa!!!

  17. Chris Shinpaugh says:

    Treevie, I like your new place, I find it appropriate now to be your manny. I see a new dog blog in the future for you Stevie. P.S. Treevie, you two really did a great thing, by allowing Mongo to adopt that couple. : )

  18. Helen McAdory says:

    Rest and enjoy .

  19. Reagan Gagnon says:

    glad everyone is safe n sound. pheeeewwww.

  20. Cathy Alexander says:

    Tree & Stevie I’m glad you made it to Lima and everything worked out with Mongo! I like the apartment! Take Care Lots of Love Cathy Alexander

  21. Valerie Anderson says:

    Lima traffic sucks any time of day can’t imagine rush hour! Good job! Stayed in Mira Flores for a handful of days a couple years back. I thought to myself, “Seems like a good place to birth a baby!” haha. As long as you stay out of traffic…

  22. Judy Shuman says:

    ‎” Praise God! ~ You’re home safe and sound! ” ~ 🙂 ♥

  23. Christopher Wiegand says:

    Welcome Home!

  24. Julio Bonifaz says:

    nice bro..hey I thought you were leaving on sat? anyway have to bring your painting down there….we have put your other painting with the sold sign on it….is looking good will send pics later.

    • so sorry we had to rush out. Originally we were going to leave on Saturday, but then we got a flight for Mongo to the USA and we had to rush to Lima. Miss you bud. See you on your next trip to Lima! Catch some waves for me ok. TREE

  25. Shaun Galanos says:

    love you guys!

  26. Aaron DeHart says:

    You have a table and chairs?!? Like 5x bigger than my apt. Love it.

  27. Hey you guys,
    The new place looks very doable.
    Mongo will adjust fine , I’M sure.
    Settle in, get comfy and wait for the big day.
    Stevie, is Tree still keeping you on the “juicer regiment?
    It is good to eat lots of fruits and veggies and get a walking routine in place.
    Tree, try not to stub any toes or pick anymore fights with your fan, Stevie has enough to do without applying any wound dressings or Ace bandages. Remember your wing man has a new home so for the time being you are a solitary soldier. Be safe no superhero/stuntman activity and everything will be groovy.
    Lots of good energy coming your way,
    Thanks again for sharing your amazing journey with us .

  28. cheryll says:

    Did Mongo reach his destination? and did you find the juicer???? I’m obsessed with that machine! I HAVE to see it in action sometime. xxxxxxxxx

    • Mongo flew out today. It was epic trying to get him out of the country. I’ll have to do a blog post to give it justice.
      xoxo – TREE

  29. THRILLED that everything worked out both with Mongo and the move. The new apartment looks fantastic – enjoy!

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