Big City Life…

All the big cities in Central/South America have a couple of things in common, and Lima is no different.

1) They all have a beautiful cathedral(s) located in the center of the city…

2) And they all have slums that extend for miles. These slums usually make the rough neighborhoods in the States look cushy. The have-nots who live here endure harsh and dangerous conditions. Lima’s slums are known to be some of the thuggiest in South America.

The first time we drove into Lima we actually got lost when our GPS went rogue, and we found ourselves in one of those neighborhoods. It was the second time this happened to us in the last year. The other time was in Bogota, Colombia where we found ourselves in a red light district getting full frontal flashes from some pretty scary looking prostitutes.

I wasn’t trying to make that mistake again in Lima. After driving around hopelessly for about half an hour, we finally hired a local taxi to lead us out.

He led us back to the insulated world of Miraflores, a rich neighborhood sandwiched between the Pacific ocean and the rest of Lima. Being in Miraflores is like being inside of a bubble. Everything is modern and safe and… very USAish – Mcdonalds, Starbucks, big malls… you get the picture.

It also has the best medical care in Peru, so this is where we rented an apartment while we wait to give birth. After the last couple years of living on the road without a lot of amenities, it’s been nice to enjoy things like hot water, a washer and dryer, a microwave, and an elevator since we’re on the 6th floor. Pretty plush.

There is a great farmers market only two blocks away that runs every Saturday.

It’s a proper set-up as well. They offer quite a selection of goodies.

Although we haven’t seen the sun in 3 weeks, (Lima is notoriously foggy), Stevie is loving it.

I’m 50/50 on it but keep telling myself it’s only temporary. We’ll be here until after Christmas, and then we’re heading south. I never was a big city guy.

I miss surfing. The ocean is really polluted in Lima and I have no intention of trying to surf here. There is, however, a local climbing gym, BaseCamp, which is only a couple blocks from our apartment. It’s an outside gym, but they’ve got a pretty good set-up for training.

I figured I’d give the local rock climbing a go since we’re here. It’s been 4 years since I’ve done any real climbing, and rumor has it there is some good stuff on the outskirts of town.

Basecamp is a good place to get back into real climbing shape. I was surprised. There are a fair amount of climbers here and it looks like some of them can pull hard. Now I just need to get “invited” on a trip.

There is also a Golds Gym 3 blocks from the house, so I joined that as well. Got to do something to keep busy. The guy who gave me the membership tour was insistent that I participate in some of the aerobic classes.  Guess that’s a big thing here. Yeah… no.


Everything is going well with the pregnancy. Stevie is feeling fabulous. We’ll have an update on that in the next post. We go in for a 4D ultrasound this coming week. Exciting. I love seeing our baby on the screen.




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  1. Tree-Everyone Zumbas. It’s how the Latino males get the chicks. Dancing is “all about the man”… At least that’s what our dance instructor told Phil last year. 🙂

  2. it sounds like you are going to be crushing in no time tree. Just watch out for those feet. Let me know when you need me to come carry your pack for you

  3. Practice your Zumba moves, Tree, then you will be ready for bollywood when you visit the gorge! x

  4. Chuck Seaman says:

    july gloom?

  5. Michael Bishop says:

    Boise, Idaho is 100 and sunny but the smoke from all the forest fires has draped the valley for a few days.

  6. Sophia Flores-villa says:

    Stevie…you bring sunshine everywhere you go 🙂 xoxo

  7. Mo Bergmann says:

    In Lima?! I could’ve seen you instead if sitting in the airport for 12 hours last week! Bummer!
    I heard summer is real nice there

  8. Hang in there! The sun will shine again!

  9. Gail Heenan says:

    Sorry but I love the picture.

  10. You look like the old Tree in that pic at the bottom of your last post. Not all surfer and cool, more gritty and dirt bag. You know more like a guy who has done the Captain in a day!!! The climbing gym was also very cool. What are the temps like. What kind of rock is out there. O check out the app ClimbCoach it is really amazing training tool it breaks everything down and someone who is such a planer like you will so appreciate it. Really at least give it a look. It might be downloadable for you laptop. Stevie looks great as well rt at home in the city, give her a hug from the Lorenzo’s. God bless ! See ya soon.

    • Hey buddy,

      I got out to the local sport crag last weekend. Vertical granite sport climbing. It was pretty good too. I managed to get up a 12a. I was stoked about that considering how long its been. Couple more weeks in the gym and I think I’ll be cranking hard 12. I talked to Dragon last night and he’s gonna come down here to hook up for some big wallin in Argentina. Not sure what we’re gonna get into, but it will be fast a light and free. I’m stoked.

      Sue do miss you man. Can’t wait for you guys to come visit either. We’re counting on you showing up in Mendoza brother.

      xoxoxx – TREE

  11. Tree,
    Great to hear things are going well for you guys. And I’m psyched to see you are easing back into climbing a bit! How are your feet holding up when stuffed into tight climbing shoes? I recall that was an issue before, a few years ago.
    I dusted off my aid climbing gear yesterday for the first time in ages and played around on Monkey Face. I’m heading to Yosemite in early September to throw myself on to El Cap for the first time since 2006. My potential partner is a great guy I hired as an under the radar guide last Fall when I was down there without a partner on a spur of the moment trip. Jake and I zipped up the east buttress of El Cap that day and had a great time. So when he gets back from Europe, if he doesn’t have to go to work as a rigger right away (a new part time occupation he is trying to get into) then he says he will be psyched to climb El Cap with me. He’s climbed numerous routes on El Cap and is super solid. Hopefully this will work out since I MUST CLIMB EL CAP again! Wish me luck.

    • Hey JR,
      The feet are doing ok. They aren’t really hurting too much. Granted, I’m only sport climbing. Not sure how they would do on a long approach followed by sticking them in a crack all day. I’m loving the clip-ups right now though.

      I’m so stoked to hear you’re gonna give the Captain another go. Which route are you gunning for? I know how you feel. El Cap always calls you back. I’m feeling it myself. I’m gonna be back on it at some point as well. I really want to solo the Muir wall. Such a proud line.

      Keep me posted ok. Let me know when you plan to launch off. I want to follow the progress. Maybe Tom will post updates on Supertopo?

      Get some great photos as well.

  12. mamatuyas says:

    Post picture of baby soon!

  13. Coen Wubbels ‎ says:

    31˚ and very humid here in the Amazon jungle.

  14. abrazo y saludos!!!!

  15. Lorraine Chittock says:

    BRILLIANT SUN here in N. Chile today, but it’s been cold and grey… 🙁

    • I would love to see the sun. I seriously don’t think I’ll see it for another three months…a record for this LA girl! Oh well, fortunately it’s not like I’m in any condition to be doing a lot of outdoor activity anyhow. Reading in my cozy apartment is plenty fine right about now 🙂 By the way, I found out that Kiki didn’t have a relapse of ehrlichiosis but rather had caught leptospirosis!!! Super scary, could have killed her. It too is treated with Doxycycline and luckily we caught it in time, so she’s recovering nicely. All is well. How is Doggie’s tummy doing, and Luna’s tick fever? xoxo.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What I want to know is…can you flush the toilet paper?

  17. Hey guys
    Stoked to see you guys are in a safe comfy place. I was concerned that it might be difficult to do so in Lima
    My plan is coming together, I found my vehicle and hopefully will be picking it up this week and within a couple of weeks will be taking a little camping trip.
    Can’t wait to show it to you if everything works out.
    Take care of you cargo and keep Tree out of trouble. Catch up on you reading and keep us posted .
    Mucho Gusto,

  18. John and Anita says:

    Hi Tree & Stevie,
    We were introduced to you by Luis & Lacy. We first meet them in Antigua Guatemala (where we live) and have followed them ever since. We started our traveling 13 years ago when I (John) retired and we started two companies which we are able to service while on the road (sort of). We moved to Antigua to be closer to our businesses 4 years ago, then did a three month trip to South America in search for a place to settle down. We thought we had found it in Bariloche Argentina and bought property there without living there first (mistake). We moved there in 2010 for six months to build our dream house on this incredible property and soon discovered all our reasons for not living in Argentina, so moved back to our place in Antigua to begin preparing for a drive through Central and South America. We own a Nissan Patrol and an Outlander off-road trailer (decided to buy the trailer to serve us in “emergencies” and “opportunities” (like camping when we cannot find a hotel, or if we find an exceptional place to camp, setting up for a week or whatever).

    We drove our Patrol from Guatemala to Arkansas to buy the trailer. Upon arrival we learned that it was going to take 4 months to build so we drove 22 states while waiting for it (totally custom built with everything we wanted). We picked it up and drove back through Mexico to Guatemala (camped 2 times – once near the builder so we could find any issues to be worked out, and second at a friend’s vineyard/winery in Texas). We then departed for the island of Roatan in the Bay Islands off Honduras as Anita’s son was setting up a beach bar restaurant there (spent two months), then back to Guatemala for one of our travel groups. We eventually began our drive through Central America and on to South America (a lot of going back and for to take care of business over the past 3 years). We are currently in Macara Ecuador getting ready to cross the border into Peru this morning. I asked Luis who had Peru experience and he directed me to you guys. I am reading your website and, indeed, getting lots of good advice and guidance.

    As a result of NOT camping we have decided to sell the trailer if we can find a buyer on the way. Otherwise I feel like I am just hauling around dead weight. Hope life is going well for the 4 of you in Lima. Would love to get to know you and to hook up when we get to Lima.

    Best regards,
    Joh n & Anita

    • Hey guys,

      Thanks for reaching out. Sounds like you’ve had quite an adventure. We’d love to get together and swap stories. We’re posted up in Lima and will be here for a while. Let us know as you get close. We’ve got some great restaurants picked out so lets have dinner!

      If you have any questions about Peru, just email us as well.

      Don’t miss Chacapoyas and Cajamarca.

      Drive safe and we’ll see you soon! – TREE

  19. Go to Los Rocas, 45 min south of Lima, to surf….It’s such a sick break and picks up TONS of swell!

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