Lima Life…

All is good with Sprinter Life. We’re just bumping along here in Lima, literally.

Life = doctor appointments every 2 weeks, lamaze classes, learning to fold laundry that looks like it belongs to a barbie doll, and all kinds of new chores since Stevie claims she can no longer bend over. I have my doubts. This may well be one of her best ploys yet… but I oblige her.

(Thanks for the beautiful dress Richard, says Stevie)

Lima is a destination every overlander travels through on the Pan-American Highway, so we’re getting visits from travelers on their way south and north. It’s cool to hook up with them as they roll through.

Lately we’ve been hanging out with James and Lauren from Home On The Highway. They actually took over our apartment up in Huanchaco and are moving a bit slower than most nomads on the Pan-Am. They’ve already been down to Lima twice to hang out. Great people!

We’ve also been making a few good friends in the local Lima community. Royce, April, and baby Piper are from Oregon, but have been posting up in Peru for the last year. Piper was born here in Lima and we’ve received a ton of valuable information from these guys.

Overall I have to say that Lima has been a huge surprise for me. Almost everyone told us about what a horrible city this is, but we’re actually really enjoying it. It’s exactly what we needed.



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  1. Tell all your overlanding friends heading south they’re welcome to drop in and stay the night here in Chile!

  2. Was our pleasure meeting you guys, hopefully we’ll be back up soon! Well not too soon… Im still recovering from all that damn driving.

  3. mamatuyas says:

    Miraflores was actually a great little enclave in Lima and I enjoyed it. It’s good to know you are making connections in such a short time there -having back-up with Baby coming is vital. Don’t stray too far now – anything can happen that last six weeks!

    • We’re all good here. Don’t worry! Can’t wait to see you. Let me know when I can look in to moving your ticket forward a week.

  4. Anonymous says:

    OK Tree – duct tape a watermelon to your waist and try bending over to pick up something on the floor – you’ll revise your perception of how it feels to be pregnant!

  5. I can confirm bending over to do anything is damn near impossible whilst pregnant. She’s not joking Tree, putting on shoes is a pain in the ass at this stage.:)

  6. Judy Shuman ‎ says:

    Absolutely precious! ~ ♥

  7. I just brought my new daughter home 2 days ago! It’s been a little hectic. It’s still hard to believe we get to keep her. She’s so frickin cute.
    My wife and I, like you, have been living in our Fleetwood Quest ( a sprinter based RV conversion ). This is temporary, while we go through home renovations. But, it’s a lifestyle I hope to make permanent. Fortunately, we’re parked at Grandma and Grandpa’s, which has been a great help.
    BTW, great photos! You have a great eye for light and composition.
    All the best with the delivery!

  8. BTW, before we bought the Quest. I had plans to do what you’re doing. I started laying out the Sprinter into a living space. Thought you’d be interested in checking it out. I had every intention to build the project and blog about it. But, buying the Quest ended that journey.

    • Hey Sean,
      One journey ends, an a new one begins! Congratulations on the new baby girl! So cool. We’re also having a girl. Only about 6 more weeks till she arrives.

      Sounds like you’ve got the perfect rig to load up the family and hit the road! Head south if you can. The Pan-American highway is the trip of a lifetime!


  9. Madrigal Madri says:

    Pura vida mis amigos !!!!!!

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