Mountain Biking Lima

One of the great things we love about our lifestyle is that we’re always meeting new people. We’re starting to connect up with new people in Lima now.

Last weekend our new friend Royce invited me to go mountain biking. I had heard that the riding around Lima was pretty good and was stoked to check it out.

They took me to Cieneguilla, which is east of Lima. It’s a beautiful area. The trail climbs this mud wash towards the Andes.

The trail was really, really good. Long, smooth and fast. Apparently there are tons of trails all over Peru.

I had no idea Peru was a destination for great mountain biking! Another surprise that increases my love for this country.

Royce introduced me to Hugo, who let me borrow his extra bike. Having not been on a mountain bike in years, my legs were seriously burning. But it was good to get out and ride.

Below, hanging with Royce and Hugo…

These guys have been telling me about another trail that starts at the top of the Andes and rides all the way to the sea. It was called, “perhaps the best mountain biking trail in the world”  by Mountain Biking magazine. I think I might have to get in shape and bust that out before we leave Lima. I’m hoping these guys are keen to take me up there.  🙂



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I can just see it. You’ll be fun-hogging it on the best mountain bike trail in the world while you’re wife is in labor wondering why you don’t answer your phone!!

  2. Yeahhhhhhhh…..

  3. mamatuyas says:

    You’d find a way to take a risk and pump adrenalin in a can of SOUP! . . .
    Put you anywhere in NATURE and it’s a done deal. Thrills and zen moments. . .

  4. Greg Lavespere says:

    Nice, I spent last night mountain biking at the whitewater center with the boys. We are going there every Thursday for the past month.

  5. Michael Tuohy says:

    How’s the bike on the feets? Would thing a nice squishy full suspension unit would be nice for ya.

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