Rock Climbing Peru

A couple weeks ago I joined the climbing gym here in Lima to test the waters on getting back into the sport. I only had to put in a couple training sessions before the guys who run the gym offered me a spot in the weekend line-up.

I was both nervous and excited to rope up on real rock. What if I didn’t like it anymore? What if I was too scared to do it? What if my spanish translation of the climbing command “WATCH ME” or “FALLING” was misinterpreted for “SLACK” by my Peruvian belayer, a scenario that would not be completely out of the question.

Well, I guess the timing was finally right to find out. After being sidelined by a nasty ground fall almost 5 years ago, I’m officially back into rock climbing.

Everything felt great. My head was a little off, but the big concern was my feet (both were severely broken in the accident), and they were fine. Frankly, I was surprised that I remembered how to climb. It’s not exactly an “off the couch” sport. I even managed to scratch my way up a 5.12.

This has motivated me to really start training again. If I can get back to climbing 5.13 before we leave Lima, I’d be set up perfect to do some big walls when we roll into the climbing mecca of Argentina next.  (Lorenzo & Dragon, Patagonia is calling, time to saddle up).

 Sending my first 5.12 in 5 years

The guys in the local climbing scene are super cool. I’ve made some good friends and we’ve been out to the crag 3 times now.

I think Stevie is really enjoying my climbing days away. She gets an entire day to herself without me following her around the house asking… “Have you taken your prenatal vitamins today? How many grams of protein have you had? Did you practice your breathing, do your  hip openers, take your iron?”  (Seriously though, those are important questions). 

The rock around Lima is sharp granite that climbs well. Lots of edges and creative lines. I’ve got some good photos of the area below.

Although the climbing around Lima is solid, I’m really trying to get up to the climbing areas near Huaraz in the Andes, about 8 hours away. Those rock climbs sit at an altitude of 14,000 feet and are supposed to be the best in Peru. We’ll see if I can talk one of these guys into making a weekend trip. Until then, train train train.


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  1. Sweet. Good to see you getting back on that horse. Is it as good as 5 gallon buckets? ( I doubt it)
    Ding Ding

  2. Looks FUN!!!!!! Enjoy. And hoping Stevie is also having FUN!

  3. Awesome, Tree! Have fun and listen to your inner voice. Rock on. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    5.12 off the couch? After 5 years and two broken ankles? Damn!!!

  5. Good work amigo. You’ll be climbing 5.13 in no time.

    • I hope so. The gym is good for training and is only 2 blocks from our apartment. That’s where I’m hoping to get the finger strength back. It’s good to be back!

  6. It’s good that Belay Betty is getting some time away from you. You’re a pain in the boostacoodie – what with all your inquiries young man. Rock it!

  7. 5.12… Wow. Remember, when the baby comes.. 5.11 is really 5.13.. lol

  8. That rock looks sooo fun! Damn you for adding another location on my Gotta-Climb-It list… lol

  9. Well you’re not entirely telling the truth. I belayed you on a 5.12 that you sent, after much heart ache, at the New River Gorge only 8 months after your first surgery. I thought that was pretty impressive. I’m looking at tickets to Mendoza. Your Muiras are in the mail with some other stuff. We gonna climb us a big’un.
    Dragon out

    • Oh yeah, I remember that route, coming out of the cave right. Damn that thing was good!

      I wish you were here now bro, but lets plan a big wall in Argentina for sure. Can’t wait man.

  10. Cindy Chischilly says:


  11. Audrey Kranz says:

    that’s some neat looking rock. have fun getting back at it!

  12. Hey, Tree, with the baby coming, why not take up skydiving and sword swallowing, too! (And do I sound like a nagging mother/grandmother…or what!??)

    Sending hugs…climb with care.

    PS: I always wanted to rock climb…I think that window of opportunity is now closed!

    • I was actually thinking about paragliding. That’s a big thing here in Lima. Stevie and I tried it in Venezuela and it was a blast! I’ll pass on the sword swallowing though. 🙂

  13. Val Vanderpool says:

    Tree, I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay off the rock forever! Have fun and be safe!

  14. ahahahaha

  15. Paul Lyttle says:

    sweet, you have gear with you?

  16. YES!

    Little Lava

  17. mamatuyas says:

    So . . . I KNEW you’d be a life-long dare-devil when you were just five years old- and kept trying to “fly” by climbing up on the roof and jumping off.

  18. Is the question about prenatals related to nail strength or is it more than that? This is the second time I’ve heard about that suggestion being made to a male, in the first instance it was in reference to playing fingerstyle guitar picking with your nails.

  19. Yo climbing looks sick in Lima I will be there coming down in nov and want to get some climbing done!do you have any friends you could hook me up with? Or know a good place to find a guide book as I can’t really find any online?

    • When you get to Lima, go to Basecamp, the climbing gym, the hook up with people. All the good climbing is up near Huaraz. Enjoy.

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