Brother arrives bearing gifts!

Sprinter Life received a surprise visitor last week. On a last minute whim, my brother Adam flew down to see us. We were both VERY stoked to see him. We love this guy!!!!

Since we only go back to the States about once a year now, we took advantage of my brothers passage and had him bring down a ton of stuff.

I’ve now been officially trained on how to fold tiny girl clothes that are the size of a face towel. You would think it’s easy, but trust me, it’s not. Apparently there are certain rules and regulations that facilitate following the perfect symmetry of each tiny garment. Below Stevie gives me an approving smile at my baby clothes folding graduation.

SIDE NOTE: For the record, I’ve now been bumped from the 2nd to the 3rd largest wardrobe in the family, right behind Mama and baby. Oh well, at least I still have Kiki beat. I do still have Kiki beat, right Stevie???

Since I never got an official answer to that last question, I better stay vigilant with increasing the size of my wardrobe.

Aside from a bunch of baby stuff, my brother also brought me a bunch of goodies. A full set of kayaking gear arrived. LAN airlines rejected the actual kayak and paddle he tried to bring, but I think my friend from First Descents is going to bring it down next month. Then we’ll be in business for some whitewater action.

He also brought all the missing pieces to my climbing rack, a rope, a new harness, and other mission critical gear. This put an enormous smile on my face!

I want to thank my good friends who helped me rebuild my climbing arsenal.

Mike Kurilich from Black Diamond, Kent Benesch from Metolius Climbing, and Mike Martini from Patagonia… thanks boys. We’re all ready to go now. I’ll represent.

And a very special thanks to my best climbing partner ever, Beckett Honicker, AKA Dragon. Thank you for sending back my Hybrid Aliens. My babies are home.

Dragon, you will be very happy these are on the rack next year when we’re in Patagonia!

And another special thanks to the Outdoorplay crew for the sweet card and homemade stuffed animal. Very cool! I put it with my favorite pre-baby items.

Dad’s Sprinter Life Pre-Baby Shrine:
1 “Dad To Be” medal
1 4d ultrasound baby photo
1 baby on board sign
1 “Made In Peru” flag
1 Cuban cigar
And now 1 ODP stuffed animal.

My brother will be here for a couple weeks, then shortly after he leaves we receive our next guest, my Mom! She’s coming down for the birth, and to hang with us until December. Is there anything better than a Mom? Seriously! We can’t wait to see her.



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  1. Noted that the “dad to be medal” that I gave you was listed as #1. Which makes me #1. 🙂 thanks bro. <3

  2. Hey.. I am missing some aliens..

    • sorry bud, these are all my original aliens. You can beat these things in pin scars!

      • Yeah.. I hear ya. I had like a double set way back when and I seem to only have a few left. I pretty much stopped climbing back in 2002.. But have dabbled though. 5.7 is my new standard.. lol

  3. Tree,
    Looking at that pile of outdoor gear, and since you, at times, actually “wear” the harness and other climbing/kayaking/biking equipment (AND your surfboards and kayak) I’m betting your “play wardrobe” weighs a hundred times more than what Stevie’s clothes (AND baby’s clothes and gear) weigh!!! Ding ding! You are definitely number ONE in the wardrobe department!

    ps — I can’t wait to see the van packed . . .

  4. Judy Shuman ‎ says:

    SSSSSwwwwwwweeet! ~ ♥

  5. Neili Smith says:

  6. Tori Hooper Burke says:

    Holy smokes! It’s Hoo-nior!!! Wasssssupppp!?

  7. Gabriel Gunning says:


  8. Heather Dougherty Acevedo says:

    He allowed himself to be photographed? Hunker down, the world is coming to an end. Super big virtual hug to you Adam. Be good out there.

  9. Anna K Laxague says:

    Hi Junior!!

  10. Sean Vierling says:

    Tell him hi from me

  11. Cheryll Anglin says:

    Yay Adam! Sorry about the kayak but at least he had room for himself on that flight:) Have fun! hi kiki xxxxxxxxxx

  12. i am being really shallow, but Tree’s brother is hot!!!! xxx

  13. Love you!!! Miss you!!!

  14. Pura vida !! Nada Como la familia … 🙂

  15. buena vida para todos

  16. He should be photographed more often ; )

  17. Awesome!
    -Little Lava

  18. Cathy Alexander says:

    Hi Tree & Stevie Love the stuff your brother brought Especially the baby clothes & handmade stuffed toys! Very talented person who made them!They go through a lot so you will be folding a lot it seems! What a nice brother you have! Enjoy your climbing gear & rafting Kayak, stay safe!!! Love Cathy

  19. That is soo Cool! Count your blessings!!


  20. Awesome Brother!!

  21. Love you tree. Be safe. I was not going to use those hybrids between now and next summer and way. Its sandstone season amigo. I will, however, be missing the 3.5 and 4. I’ll just put my balls where my cams used to go 😉

  22. tree! the pre-baby shrine is f’ing hilarious! i love this post. and damn did you score on the gear!!!!!!!!!!

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