My Last Weekend Away – Part #1

Stevie brought to my attention that I’ve been charging a little extra hard lately. I’ve been on a non-stop climbing and biking mission since we arrived in Lima. Perhaps it’s the anticipation of the baby coming. It’s strange to process all of the feelings we’re having right now. Baby is due anytime. We’re living the last couple of weeks of our life as we know it. Things are about to change. Some people tell us we won’t be doing the same things with a child in tow.

Honestly, I don’t see it that way. Maybe I’m just being naive, but as soon as my daughter is born, I see her going everywhere I go. I’ve seen 2 month old babies slung on the backs of women high in the Andes mountains. If they can do it, so can we. Besides, if my daughter is anything like me, she’s gonna be pissed if I don’t take her with me!

Having said that, I knew there would be downtime as we approach the due date, and maybe that’s why I’ve been going wild. At this point I’m not planning to do any more overnight trips away from Stevie. It would kill me to miss my daughter’s birth. Not even an option. But last week I did another multi-nighter up to Huaraz. I really love that place.

I left at 11pm on the overnight bus from Lima. These buses in Peru are terrifying to ride, for me anyway. The only way I get through it is by taking sleeping pills with a shot of Havana Club rum.

With this method you simply wake up in Huaraz 8 hours later. I have no interest in knowing what happens in-between.

After arriving in Huaraz I caught another smaller bus back up to Hatun Machay, (remember the last trip here). I simply had to get some more of this place.

Some of the views from the road that goes up to Hatun. Insane beauty.

This time I brought a climbing partner from Lima. Meet my new training buddy, Jiro. This guy is an ace, and I was stoked to be cragging with him.

We warmed it up on a few sweet routes. Below, crimping down on another thin one…

A beautiful headwall with perfect pockets…

My favorite wall at Hatun is an overhanging, super clean chunk of volcanic perfection.

Below, staring down the day’s project…

For two days Jiro and I pulled hard. Due to the fact that the seasons are changing in the mountains, I knew this would probably be my last visit to Hatun. Wish I could have spent months here, but the open road is calling, and we aren’t planning to stick around Peru for another season.

One day I’ll bring our daughter back and let her put up climbs for me. Until then, adios Hatun Machay.



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  1. That’s definitely the best way to ride the buses down there. Better living through chemistry!

  2. My son says the fifth photo from the bottom looks like a giants foot on a bed. Awesome rocks and photos. Life will definetly change once your baby arrives but after a year or two things should normalise. Enjoy.

  3. Tree,
    If I can recall I commented on this place from your first blog I REALLY dig this place and would love to experience it . I hope you realize how truly blessed you are to be you!!
    Just the concept and timeline of the place is amazing! From the rock painting to the timeless way of life the native peruvians still live. Seems enchanting would be a good way to describe the vibe I would get from being there. There are many places you have been and shared pictures of as well as commented on but, this seems to me to be very much a diamond in the rough.
    Just want to thank you for sharing the incredible gifts life has afforded you and your beautiful wife.. Hey Stevie love you!! I WILL one day see this place!! Tree my man, it’s time to stay close. Sending all three of you Light and good energy. _WILLY

  4. Glorious. . . just glorious.
    Your life is stunning.

  5. Hey Tree- When my first was born, I did what all dads should do.. go buy a guitar and learn it. Harder than climbing and kayaking combined. Plus you can do it in the confines of home.

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics (beautiful), your adventure and your most intimate feelings about the impending birth of your precious child. Love the pic of the dog on stump…looks like a Lorraine type pic, needs caption. Good luck with the birth of your angel…soon! Stevie is in great shape, will be “spitting” that child out. Take care.

  7. I’m glad you got to do that last climbing trip. The pictures are beautiful. Rest up, Tree, and stick to Stevie like glue. I’m not sure she is going to last to October 20!
    Miss you.

  8. Sweet pictures.


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