Happy Halloween – 2012

Well, I continue to learn new things about babies, like the fact that they need to go to the pediatrician for monthly check-ups for their first year of life. At least that’s what they recommend in South America. I’ve heard the US might be every couple of months?

Either way, that’s going to be a lot of different doctors for us. Looks like one of our new challenges will be finding reputable pediatricians in small rustic towns in countries like Bolivia. That should be interesting.

Sol’s first check up at 2 weeks went well. She’s growing like a weed. Usually newborn babies lose weight their first week, and then get back to even their second week. Not Sol. She gained a full pound since birth.

Check out those long legs!

Everything else checked out out perfectly healthy. She’s such a trooper. Not one single scream.

One thing we have been worried about is taking Sol to altitude. We need to allow for enough time for her little lungs to acclimatize but, in order to head south, we have to cross the Andes. Plus on the other side, Bolivia is high. It actually has the highest capital city in the world, La Paz, which sits at about 12,000 feet.

We’re going to do some more research on this and, rest assured, we’ll be very careful with her.

In other news, we received another visit from some passing overlanders. Cesar and Danni from Capitol South Bound arrived in Lima at the perfect time. Stevie had just figured out her breast pump and was ready to party! One last feeding, glass in hand, ready to go…

And nothing says party like Mendoza wine, Flor De Cana rum, and breast milk.

We had a great time hanging out with these guys. They are super cool people. I suppose one of the up-sides to being locked in Lima so long is that we’ve had the chance to meet a lot of great travelers. Everyone has to go through Lima, whether southbound or northbound.

And so, life is good. I can’t believe we’re celebrating our second halloween in Peru. I would not have thought it possible this time last year. (remember last halloween here).

Well, this year is a little bit different. It’s our first infant halloween. My assessment… this sport borders on child abuse.

If that becomes the consensus then please remember, it was all Stevie’s idea.


-TREE, Stevie, Soleil, Kiki, and Noni!

Saving the best for last….


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  1. Hola Soleil!
    Welcome to this world! If your crazy parents cannot remember us, give them this: we met them long, long time ago with Malin and Espen, only once and somewhere in south america (or was it still middle america?). But we were per instance amazed by them, and never forgot them. And now you are on this beautiful, fantastic place that we call earth. I guess you already knwo, that you little thing have the best parents in the world and we wish you 3 all the best! Have a wonderful life here! We´ll follow you on your blog, like always…
    Lots of love,
    Andrea & Georg
    (www.toyotours.com – Yep, we are also still traveling…we shipped to africa 8 months ago, are right now in Uganda… BUT we intend to drive back home to germany – so if you someday will come to europe, write us, visit us, stay with us, you´re sooo welcome – and we´ll give you the best munich-tour ever, I swear! xxx

    • Hi Andrea,
      Wow! It’s great to hear from you guys and we are so happy that you are still on the road and doing it in Africa!

      When we get to Europe in a couple years we plan to look you up. We can’t wait to hang out again and hear all about your Africa trip. You guys travel safe and we’ll be following along on your blog as well.

      Lots of love – Sprinter Life!

  2. ‘reputable pediatricians in small rustic towns in countries like Bolivia’
    LOL!!!!! You guys are funny. They’re aren’t even vets in most small towns. But LaPaz has everything, so can’t imagine any problems. And the climb up the Andes can be sloooooow with PLENTY of places to camp en route. All great!!!

    Thank goodness your baby wasn’t a boy. You would’ve named him Bud Trujillo.

    • Hey Lorraine,
      You’re close. If it was a boy I was going to name him Pacifico, and call him Paz for short. You may think ‘Mexican beer’ when I throw that out there, but we actually got the name from the Pacifico in Colombia. Plus the meaning in Spanish, (peaceful), is awesome!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sigh, PACIFICO! Yes, I admit I was thinking Mexican (have Tecate in the fridge now…), but that’s right, Colombian beer! OK, so maybe the NEXT child can be Paz!

  3. Soleil stole my Halloween costume… although I planned on using a Flor de Cana onesy.
    Truly a pleasure linking up with you guys. As I said, it was reading SprinterLife posts while sitting in a cubicle in DC that inspired me and showed that this great adventure is indeed in the realm of the possible.
    Looking forward to another night of great food before we move on!
    Cesar & Danni

  4. Oh this post makes me laugh. I love you guys. Well, if it makes you feel better just remember that I didn’t go to the doctor until I left home at 18. Ever. And even then I wasn’t so much interested in getting a check up as I was interested in obtaining birth control 😉 No doctors, no check ups, no shots, nada. My parents believe in faith healing, and I’m, well, you know…alive and well. After surviving a ruptured appendix I’m certainly not condoning it, but sometimes I think we, as a culture, put WAY too much faith in the medical institution.

    You guys are doing awesome. Momma, you look radiant!

    I <3 you all.

  5. What an awesome and creative costume! She’s beautiful!

  6. Congrats on your little bundle of joy. I just checked in to see if you all have had the baby, because I just welcomed my first grandbaby so I have been pretty busy. She is beautiful

  7. Friggin’ hilarious!!

  8. Hey,
    You guys are amazing ….Keep the awesome blogs coming and give Sol a kiss from Willy.
    Carry on,

  9. UxHi Martìnez says:

    ohh soll!! jajaja

  10. Man she does have really long legs and fingers. Via la Trujillo

  11. Little Lava says:

    Every two months, four months, six months, now yearly… I think they just like giving me shots more than anything but they do weigh me measure me check my eyes and ears and generally a nice time and they give me a sticker or a book from this chest when I leave which is cool… But the shots- we goto this separate room and there everyone is smiling and of course you think everything is cool but then all of a sudden two large needles in one leg and two large needles in the other leg!!!!!!! I mean I can’t believe the needle didn’t go straight thru to the other side of my leg!!!!! Moma couldn’t hold me or even watch! They say its not so bad but I have never had such an extreme from warm smiles to double shots in each thigh. Keep the milk flowing Sol! Love you! Can’t wait to play!

    • Oh man, we’re not looking forward to the shots!

      We can’t wait to see Sol and Little Lava playing together in SA next year.

      love you guys

  12. That is so funny and creative!

  13. Happy late birthday to the baby! =)

  14. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Barry says:

    Hah! I bet you anything that Tree and Angela, (Especially Angela) had plenty to do with creating Sols great costume. ie, someone had to empty the bottles and who showed Sol how to disco. Answer me that?

  15. Jiro Wiseman says:

    Hahaha nice one! We’re on for climbing today right?

  16. Teri Hogan says:

    She is obviously not happy

  17. Anthony Sicola says:

    Those wacky Peruvians, selling beer in a five pack…what’s up with that?

  18. Classic!

  19. Louisa Baxter says:

    is this legal? x

  20. Steve Scherrer says:

    definitely child abuse!

    • Nah, she’s OK. That’s just how she tells them she’s still thirsty. See the last photo?
      She’s saying “I’ll take one more please.”

  21. That last pick makes me thirsty! I might have to go get some of my namesake beer as well..

  22. I’m calling the Office of Foreign Affairs tomorrow morning. Asking for a direct line to the International Advisory Board on Child Abuse, Lima Division. If you don’t want to be caught you better pack up and split in the dark of the night. Don’t worry Sol they’ll arrest them all. You’ll be living seaside in Southern Cal shortly. I already bought you a surf board. Pink. Just like the one your Momsy use to have until your Popsy sold it. Probably for beer money. Don’t worry Sol a rescue team will arrive shortly. Save Baby Sole from Trujillo Beer (drinkers and bottles.)

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