Soleil Explores Lima

In the last two weeks we started taking Soleil out to explore Lima. Never too young to begin the adventures. She loves going out, especially in the Daddy carrier!

We’ve also been taking her on all of our errands. We want her to get used to moving around a lot and being in a lot of different environments.

The car seat that Noni got us at the baby shower last May (remember here) works great. Of course the challenge in Lima is always finding a taxi cab that actually has operational seat belts so we can use it!

Watching Kiki adapt to Sol has been interesting.

For the first week Kiki thought Sol was just another bag of groceries and completely ignored her. By the second week, however, she realized that the new potato thingy might be sticking around. During this time she started sniffing Sol more intently and discovered that the flesh lump actually poops, spurring her to take a real interest in it.  And then, finally, a couple of days ago, it happened: Kiki walked up to Sol and gave her a big lick right on the head.

You’re officially “in” Soleil. You made the cut! 

Overall, Kiki is really hanging in there.  She just finished her 8wk round of antibiotics for the ehrlichiosis and is getting her blood retested this coming week. She’s still taking a gamut of medications and supplements for her heart conditions, and probably will for the rest of her life, but she seems happy. She has slowed down considerably, but that just means we walk at her pace so she can sniff what she wants without feeling rushed.  Sometime in the next couple of weeks she’ll have another EKG done as well to see if her heart block has improved after having cured the ehrlichiosis, but so far the vets say that her irregular heart rate appears to be about the same.  We’ll update you more after her next round of testing.

Other than changing a lot of diapers, we’re really focusing on getting back to normal Sprinter Life. I’ve been trying to crush a new route I put up in the climbing gym. It’s long and hard. It’s gonna take maybe another month of training to send it, but when I do I’ll be stoked!

Stevie and Noni joined Golds Gym and have been working out every day. The personal trainers at the Gym couldn’t believe that Stevie just had a baby a couple of weeks ago. When they found out, they tried to send her home. I don’t think they are accustomed to seeing that type of thing in Peru.

Stevie was also uber-motivated to get the breast pump working. Humm, I wonder why?

The rest of our time revolves around our little princess!

Soleil and Daddy afternoon napping.

Mamma drying off Soleil after a nice bath.

Soleil and Daddy out for a sushi dinner.

In other news, we completed the steps to get Sol’s Peruvian Birth Certificate and her National ID Card. She is now officially a Peruana!

 Soleil’s Peruvian National ID Card

 Soleil’s Peruvian Birth Certificate

I can’t believe we have a little Peruvian baby! She is ready to travel, ready to rock and roll. All we need to do now is get the Peruvian and USA passports and we’ll be ready to go.


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  1. Auntie Alexis says:

    I cannot wait to give her kisses!!! She is Cool just like her Auntie. 🙂

  2. What a cutie! 🙂 As an FYI in the baby car seat the plastic thingie that goes across her chest area should be level with her armpits. The things I never knew that I learned after having a kid…

  3. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Bary says:

    Super happy that Soleil is now going to be a dual citizen, and in time to come visit for Christmas. Can’t wait to give her lots of kisses. She is soooo darn cute!

  4. John Rich says:

    She is so beautiful! Life is good.

  5. Victoria Zackheim says:

    She’s so beautiful!!!!

  6. Tree I love your Soleil updates!! I am so in love with her already. And I’m so happy Kiki is doing well too. It’s always hard on family pets when something so dramatic happens in their lives. I know Kiki is going to be her best friend already.

    Wow I can’t believe Stevie hitting the gym again; good for her!! I hope she gets her pump working soon so she can get a bit of free time for herself. She deserves it.

  7. PS – ugh where did Stevie’s belly go? it’s like it’s disappeared over night!!! She looks fantastic.

    • Hi Liv,
      The pump is up and running and Stevie is enjoying happy hour once again.

    • Thank you Liv! xo. It feels good to be getting back in shape. I’m having to take it a little slower than I’d like since my abs tore a little, but I’ll heal in time. And, guess what, I can’t believe it, but you might be right…Kiki is going to be her best friend sooner than I ever thought possible. Today she gave Sol TWO licks on the head!! This is remarkable to me. Kiki has NEVER liked children, but I think she knows that Sol isn’t just any kid, she’s our kid, and Kiki is a loyal pack member. If given the choice, she probably wouldn’t have chosen a baby as a permanent new pack member, but overall she’s just grateful that it’s not a puppy. Nothing is worse than a puppy, according to Kiki.

  8. Little Lava says:


  9. Carolyn Rose Ward-Schulman says:

    She is so adorable. I can’t wait to see her in person. Love you.

  10. Ronald Tafur says:

    congratulations for the peruavian ID

  11. Madrigal Madri says:

    Pura vida mis amigos !!!

  12. amiga !!!!! pronto ahi que hablar pos skype , que lindo tu bebe

  13. That a real sweetheart you’ve got there!

    It’s great that your little traveler will have two passports from the get-go. It took us years, not to mention tons of annoying paperwork to get our 2nd ones (Canadian). Total pain.

  14. I miss you KIKI! and tree and stevie too i guess. Tree, it is called a hang board not a heel board. Get with the program. You should check out this app, if they have those there, call climb coach. It’ll motivate you to try harder. All jokes aside I miss you guys too much.

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