Welcome Home Sol

Well, it’s been one week since Sol was born and people are accusing me of being a ridiculously PROUD FATHER! Yeah, ok. It’s true. I hog the baby. I pick her up and can’t put her down. I take her everywhere. I tell everyone that our baby is perfect. Guilty as charged.

I don’t know. You tell me. Is she a spitting image of her old man or what?
(In case you’re confused, that’s me on the left and Soleil on the right)

After the birth we ended up staying in the hospital for two days. Stevie was tore up from the floor up and she needed recovery time. She is so tough.

I said it throughout the pregnancy, and I’ll say it again here. If birthing was the job of the male, our species would be extinct.

Good job women. 

The hospital here in Lima was a tough hang. Despite being the best in Peru, we found it uncomfortable and hard to rest. Someone was always barging in for some pointless reason. We even requested a “do not disturb” sign for the door, which proved utterly useless.

Despite the hang, we did our best to rest. Sol was a complete angel. She just slept and ate. She is the best baby ever.

The last straw was the hospital food. I don’t mean to be a complainer. I know a lot of people in the world go hungry and that we should appreciate every meal we enjoy, but after Stevie’s marathon labor it was hard to watch her struggle with the mystery meat and green spaghetti that was presumably meant to be pesto. We decided to check out and finish our recovery at our apartment where Noni was waiting with delicious home cooked meals!

We packed up and Roxanna gave us a lift back to Miraflores. I’ve got to say, the baby carrier feels a lot better with a live baby in it. I no longer feel like a dork. And now people rush to open the door for me. It’s nice actually.

“Pardon me, coming through, baby on board…”

It didn’t take long to fall back into our daily routine.  Here Sol and I are having breakfast while I get caught up on Outdoorplay. Like I said, she goes everywhere I go, including to work.

Since Soleil was born a couple weeks early, the one thing we hadn’t done yet was purchase her bed. We were still debating whether we wanted to buy a co-sleeper or a crib or what?

And then I saw it. I was waiting in the vets office while Kiki was getting a check-up. I gazed across the room and saw a little nest, tucked away on the top shelf in the back of the room. It was pink. It was soft. It was perfect. The only thing left was convincing Stevie to see past the fact that it was designed for a small Taco Bell lap dog.

After Stevie and Noni had a good laugh, they dressed it up and we all decided that it actually works pretty well.

So yeah, our daughter sleeps in a dog bed. And she loves it. She’ll probably out grow it in less than a week, but I already scoped out the labradoodle size.

One thing I have to say about Soleil is that she is one hell of a good baby. Leading up to the birth everyone warned us about the lack of sleep we’d be experiencing. Long nights, sleep deprivation, etc..

I think we must have won the lottery because 1) Sol hardly ever cries, and 2) she sleeps for long stretches. We actually have to wake her up to feed. We’re already getting full nights sleep. I don’t want to jinx ourselves, but so far this is butter!

Look at these hands! She has such long beautiful fingers. She is gonna be an amazing rock climber. I bet she could already hand jam!

She also has long beautiful legs and big feet. She was born at the top end of average length for a baby. Stevie’s biological father was 6’4″, and the people on my side of the family aren’t exactly short. We’re thinking Sol is going to be tall.

Neither Stevie or I have ever really been around babies, so everything is new to us. We’re learning as we go. Below, Noni teaches us how to give her a bath. Soleil wasn’t impressed.

Ever since Stevie got pregnant I’ve been intimately involved in all aspects of the process. I went to every single doctor’s appointment. I was Stevie’s personal nutrition and exercise coach. I was her birthing coach. And since Soleil was born I’ve been involved in everything from changing diapers to teaching her a solid climbing grip.

But I quickly learned that the one thing I couldn’t do was breast feed her. I’ll be honest, I was feeling left out. I tried to get involed by feeding Mama while she fed Sol. But I still felt empty.

Then I decided that I refuse to feel like an inadequate father just cause I can’t breast feed. I have plenty to offer you Sol. This is called Sierra Andina Pale Ale.

Hecho en Peru, just like you.

Every day keeps on getting better with Soleil. We’re in heaven.




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  1. I love you Soleil.

    Uncle Cisko


  2. I love the dog bed. If I could get back the money we wasted on my daughter’s crib and the rest the baby furniture, I do it in a second. You guys are on the right track. 🙂

  3. You are smitten. I <3 it!!

  4. Nonituyas says:

    I love how creative Nomads are . . . (I liked the cardboard box/bed idea too, Tree, and dresser drawer would have worked . . .but the soft puppy-bed was perfect for keeping her warm and safe). Can’t wait to see what you come up with next, because those long legs are hanging over the edge already! I’m having so much fun. Thank you for including me!

  5. I’m just laughing and laughing, this is all brilliant! Geez, I just hope she doesn’t do the 180 degree thing on you in 16 years and become a right-wing conservative nerd who hates getting her dirty in nature….LOL!!!!

  6. What fantastic parents you are! Your blog posts (from both of you) are entertaining, touching, inspiring, and honest and I am so happy for you. What a beautiful baby (and obviously very smart too) and I just wanted to share that your sharing has blessed me. May your nights of long sleep continue. Welcome to Parenthood!

  7. What a precious baby , this post has sent me to the kleenex box -this is just so sweet ,she’s going to have so many memories saved up for her to read about-you two are very very special people and I can see you have been blessed with a very magical little girl.

  8. Yep-I’d say you are smitten!
    She is beautiful!

  9. A big suitcase works well too, and multi purpose!

  10. Michael Bishop says:

    Oh my gosh… she’s almost grown up.

  11. Theresa Alexander says:

    It will be ok for about two months until she grows right out of it lol

  12. Hey buddy the lack of sleep comes in time. When she is sick, her first tooth lost, the night before her first day of school, the night she lost the soccer game, the night she won the soccer game, the night she tells you she knows Santa is you, the night she tells you she kissed a boy at school. Sleep is overrated.

    The craziest thing about having a kid is how much you love her the nano second she is born. It’s an amazing thing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Love Love Love! She is beautiful and has such long legs!

  14. A dresser drawer (removed from dresser) works great, as well.

  15. Alexander Roberts says:

    This is starting to sound like a Monty Python skit … “There were fourteen of us in a shoe box – we would have killed for a cardboard box …”

  16. Function>Form Looks good to me! Were all animals in the end

  17. Judy Shuman says:

    What a FFFaaaaaaaabulous Idea! ~ Perfect! ~ Sooooooo Sweet! ~

  18. Cynthia Rouzee Franken says:

    We had a basket with a pillow like that for Kai. It was like baby picnic. Or an easter baby hunt

  19. Guy Loften says:

    That is perfect, she will learn balance and rolling techniques at an early age, its like a infant kayak.

  20. Cathy Fanandakis Alexander says:

    She might roll of that , Get a basonet and put that in it for a matress!!!! I think , see what Stevie thinks!

  21. Ella napped in a dog bed all the time, nothing seems wrong to me

  22. Miranda Fae says:

    Wow!! What long legs she has!!!! I think the bed is great- very creative!!!

  23. Madrigal Madri says:

    Que bebe más lindo y grande !!! Felicidades amigos …. Que Dios les tenga siempre con mucha salud !!!! Pura vida

  24. Anonymous says:

    Nope… I am with Stevie on this one Tree. You need to make sure there are no pillows, stuffed toys, heavy blankets or a bed that does not provide her with good support and a way for the air to flow easily. This looks a little dangerous if you are not supervising her quite a bit. We have reduced the SIDS incidents 80% in our area by rethinking how we put a baby to bed and of course, always putting the babies on their backs to sleep.We caused a major riot in Kids R Us when we told them to do away with the bumper pad and quilts in cribs but it proved to make a big difference. No kidding Sweetie, this is not the safest way to help Sol get to sleep. (Just throwing a little industry expert at you on this one.) I love you though. Auntie Candy

  25. Lis de Stefani says:

    Perfect!!!! and such long little leggggs

  26. Leslie Freeman Davidson says:

    too fluffy not safe, sorry tree save it for your next puppy:( do love the color

  27. she’ll be rright maaaaate

  28. Emilia Valles says:

    que nina tan preciosa felicidades Tree and Stevie ya quiero cargarla!

  29. Craig Cizek says:

    whatta gonna do..Next month?

  30. Hey Tree- Don’t worry too much about the feeding part. Your best solution is getting ready to be up at all hours of the night. One thing I remember that I was good at was the baby wrap part, and holding and rocking when the baby is crying. Too bad you have good ears now.. you would have been babyproofed.. lol. No seriously just have fun- Everything will change. Heck you may not even think about climbing or kayaking for a year or four. Keep up the great posts and enjoy the moment. I felt like I blinked, and both of mine are now in school. Yikes.!

    • >>>Heck you may not even think about climbing or kayaking for a year or four.

      Don’t think so boss. I’m heading out to climb this weekend! 🙂

  31. Awesome!!!

  32. Sara Hemker Geary says:

    Lol!!! I just read your latest post about sol and coming home… I’m in tears. I am so happy for u and my best friend! Sol is perfect! You are so lucky and I’m glad u know it!! U have an amazing little family please come back to ca soon so we can meet the little love bug. Please give sol and Stevie lots of kisses for me. Congratulations!!!! XO Sara

  33. Cathy Alexander says:

    Hi Tree & Stevie: Yup, I would say Soleil looks like you! They say whoever the baby looks like after it’s born. It’s the person Stevie or you were thinking about!:-) An old wives tale!:-))))) My favorite part of baby care was feeding them, bathing was so special. They smelled so fresh and new. I gave them little massages to make sure their little legs turn out straight and they were so relaxed afterwards. Turn them freguently so their heads won’t be flat in the back.. We’ll you’ll here a lot of advice but every baby esperience is different. Have a good medical journal on hand and pediatrician. You have good motherly instincts and don’t be afraid to use them!!!!! My daughter Jeanine came in the 7 month. I had placenta preview. A danger to the mother and the baby. It was really a life and death situation. She was only 4 lbs and only doll clothes fit her. She gained weight very quickly and had no problems.She was so fragile & small. Now she is really is matured into a very robust women! They grow so fast and next minute you know she would be out climbing with you or on the computer. It’s really nice she sleeps so well and is content. Breast feeding is so much easier than bottles and you don’t get that smelly spit up!!!!! You don’t have to get up in the middle of night to heat or mix the formula’s. Which sometimes are to rich and cause collic. I’m enjoying your posts and pictures very much! Thank You both for sharing!!!!!! Love Cathy♥

  34. Anonymous says:

    You all are the best people in the world. I am epicly jealous and inspired by all that you do… Except when tree says take…

  35. what a superfab post!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i adore the pictures. more more more please. sol is so long and lithe and lovely! though she looks miniscule in tree’s long arms- like the size of a gerbil. hmmmmmm…big hands and feet make for a great swimmer, too. who knows all the magical things her little soul will dig……i can’t wait to find out.
    thanks for sharing all the love with us.

  36. Donna Clary says:

    Great pics, happy days. Keep em coming

  37. Soleil is so beautiful. You two are so lucky!
    (Also, keep the dog bed. It’s freakin’ amazing!)

  38. Proud Auntie Alex says:

    Tree there is nothing more heart warming to a woman than seeing a proud father. Truly. And considering the mother is my sister, and Sol is my niece I couldn’t be happier or more proud of the father you are and will continue to be. I expect nothing less than awesome. 🙂 Sol is beautiful-clearly she looks like Stevie. 😛

  39. Kerri Sherman says:

    She is so precious!!! She looks like a little angel. I can’t wait to meet her.

  40. Edurne Robles says:

    Stevieeee I agree with youuuu!!!!!!!!! ajajajajajaja men…. jajajaja

  41. Hola 🙂

    Sé que deben de recibir un millón de correos así es que rapidín.

    Soy una fan de su historia de vida, de sus viajes y el amor indiscutible que se tienen.

    Tienen un belleza de hija, una belleza de vida!

    Son incireibles y es igualitaaaaa al papá!!!


    Los amooooooo son unos angeles 🙂

    Suerte en todo siempre a los 3 🙂

  42. What an incredible and beautiful baby!! You are so lucky that she is such an angel. And Tree, I’m so happy to see you loving every second of fatherhood.

  43. Kelly Roberts says:

    Wow she has such long leggs

  44. OMG…Tree she is so precious and what a great way you have documented the journey for her to see in the future. Congratulations again and hugs and love your way 🙂

  45. Julie Williams says:

    She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

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