Dear Soleil… – 11/25/2012 (video)

Dear Soleil,

Daddy put together this short video of your first six weeks roaming around this world. We’ve had a great time with you so far. We are absolutely head over heels in love with you.

Hope you like the video sweetheart.


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I Love you,  



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  1. Soleil = muy preciosa!

  2. AWESOME! She is so sweet!!

  3. You are incorrect about grandparents etc, only ones wanting to see. How could anyone not be inspired and instantly filled with joy seeing all the love? Thank you for sharing.

  4. Pinda Hall says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! Love seeing you both as parents! 🙂

  5. Liz Ferrin says:

    Love!!! So happy for your new family. She is beautiful!

  6. Ivan Prates says:

    hahaha amazing!

  7. i love it!!!! the bit about the narcotic milk is hilarious! and the smile makes me swoon. please more. i’m a junkie. love to all of you.

  8. What a gift! Thank you Tree. The video catches the essence of Soleil, and of your love for her. Thank you for inviting me to share in Sol’s first months of life, and in your happiness.

  9. Cheryll Anglin says:

    Soleil is BEAUTIFUL! and so advanced!! Her little face shows much wisdom. I again have tears in my eyes. I so can’t wait to meet her!

  10. Carolyn Rose Ward-Schulman says:

    It made me feel as though I was right there with her. Great thing!

  11. Candy Benteu says:

    What a great way to wake up in the morning. She is beautiful… and so are you!

  12. Jene Fielder says:

    A generation of geniuses, far smarter and stronger then there ancestors.. We are blessed to have them…love..jenie..

  13. How can one not cry watching this. She is soooo special! LxoJ

  14. Christian Argueta says:

    Beautiful, guys. You did an amazing job! Treasure her always! Very, very happy for you!

  15. Terry Buchanan says:

    She is beautiful beyond words!! Thanks for posting!

  16. Zaina Shuibi says:

    That was soooooooo cute! I love the frenchie song!!!

  17. I love the smiles:)

  18. Very, very cool! She’s in great hands!

  19. Fantastic song! And Soleil is really a cutie. Boy, it seems like my daughter was six weeks old about 15 minutes ago, but she’s already 11.

  20. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Barry says:

    OH MY GOD! I AM SOOO IN LOVE! She is beautiful beyond words. Get on the plane NOW. I can’t wait any longer.

  21. My little beautiful Soleil…my heart is pounding tears and smiles. I am a very proud Pa Pa and so happy for you and your Mommy and Daddy. I watch you every morning and evening and see you growing into a beautiful woman, and hope to be with you sometimes along the way and share your adventures.
    Love you Soleil,
    Your Pa Pa

    • Soleil, Soleil….a beautiful name for a beautiful young lady….when you arrived into this world, words could not convey the love and joy you brought….especially to your Mommy & Daddy. Nana and Pa were thousands of miles away when you were born, but we could still feel their love for you. And even though we might be many miles away, we love you so very much. Love and hugs, Nana & PaPa

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