Van Down…

It seems like accomplishing one thing a day is a major mission for us in Peru. That one thing can be going to the grocery store, or buying a new frying pan, or working on Sol’s passport project. But trying to combine one or more just creates frustration. Progress is slow, but we’re not too fussed about it.

Last week I went to check on the van. For some reason I decided to check the oil. It was almost empty. I must have a small leak somewhere. Poor van, it’s basically been parked for most of the last year. I’m going to have to get it to a dealership for a top-to-bottom check up before we leave Lima in a few weeks. Unfortunately that will have to wait until we un-pause the vehicle permit.

Other than our one task per day, we’ve just been spending a ton of time with Sol. She’s getting cuter every day. I really can’t believe how fast she is growing.

One of the highlights of our week is of course date night. Thankfully we have Noni to babysit.

On last Friday’s date night we were able to hook up with our friends from Capitol Southbound again. They were back in Lima getting ready to do a two month side trip to Asia. I love it. They’re driving the Pan-American Highway and just decided to take a break and bust over to Asia. Good form guys.

Only a few more weeks until we head back to the States for the holidays. Then when we come back from that trip, it’s back on the road for us! We can’t wait.


Stevie loving motherhood



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  1. Only overlanders can appreciate the 1-task a day limit. Took Lauren and I 2 damn weeks to track down a decent frying pan.

    Looking good guys, see you soon!

  2. I applaud your lifestyle and wish I only had the courage to do the same. I suppose I will have to suffice with the small adventures my husband and I take.

  3. look how stunning stevie is while she loves motherhood………tree you are one lucky husband. and hands up to date night! so glad you two are still loving each other. can i please have the bunny socks/slippers in my size? sol is edible in those things. much love.

  4. Lis de Stefani says:

    Man yall are cute parents, and hot mama! Well done Stevie you look awesome! Can I please take notes

  5. Donna Clary says:

    Beautiful, beautiful Sol

  6. Dude- I crushed that Shirley Temple.

  7. Julie Williams says:

    Stevie you look GREAT!!

  8. Tree: Do you want us to start a collection to buy Sol a bed that she fits in, is for humans and is elevated? She’s grown out of the doggie bed. Don’t worry Sol they’re going to be arrested at the border!

  9. liz Tompkins says:

    Great photos and so happy for you both. I am looking forward to hearing more about life on the road with the baby! We had two kids in a very small van travelling through Mexico for 6 months but we didn’t have diapers and spit ups to contend with!

  10. Love what you two are doing and the message you’re spreading with the links under “Awareness”. I’m heading to Peru for a month myself for the first time this January. There is a new consciousness movement growing thanks to people like yourselves!

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