A Visual Of Arequipa

I don’t have a lot of words for you today. But I thought I’d give you a look at Arequipa through the lens of Sprinter Life.

We’ve been here for 3 weeks now, going on 4. In my opinion, that is the bare minimum amount of time required to really get the feel of a place. And every place is different. That is the beauty of slow-living travel as a nomad.

You arrive, you immerse, you embrace, and then you leave. 

Days on the water


With the Outdoorplay project coming to an end, we’re narrowing in on a departure date. Looks like we’ll be back on the road soon.




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  1. Mauricio says:

    Eooo, parcero, como estas?? todo bien??
    La bebe esta preciosa, que bueno, como asi que el projecto de Outdoorplay is coming to an end???

  2. La Sportiva and Black Diamond. That is all you really need. LOL

    • come on bro, don’t forget Metolius. They have some finger sizes that I won’t leave the ground without. Orange and Yellow… En serio. -TREE

      • Ok.. yeah I remember those orange ones. Does badfinger ring a bell? Yeah, Metolius is just under two hours from my door. Was out at Smith last week. Love that place.. Oh, and the kayaking through there is excellent.

      • Anonymous says:

        Blue and purple dogg

  3. I <3 you guys. Sol is getting so big!!!

  4. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Barry says:

    Such a colorful place. Where are you all heading next. Is Kiki all set to travel?

  5. Nonituyas says:

    I’m going to start calling Sol “Buddha-Girl”. Her photos always seem like she’s contemplating the meaning of the universe!

  6. That mini is awesome. That would fit nicely in the van, or my Mex casa……

  7. Berthold says:

    Hola ! Como està ? Espero muy bien.

    Le temps passe vite ! It´s nearly 3 weeks ago when I left Arequipa – I travelled via Puno ( 2- 3 days is enough ) to La Paz which I enjoyed, malgre de Altura y aire mal. Seems to be a balanced mixture of indigens and non indigens. The kind of communication was mostly friendly and respectful. And even the landscape of southwest ( Salar de Uyuni etc. ) is great – it´s a must to go there.
    From Bolivia I went to Chile – what a difference !! Not only the high price level ( una pequeño cerveza > $ 4, 5 ) was a shoc, as well the ” chilean español ” – muy rapido con accent . Santiago is a very busy city. The daily life sometimes reminds me to Europe. I think Chile will not be my ” cup of tea ” . I ´ll go to patagonia as I intended to do and then I´ll go to Argentina etc.
    I hope you will enjoy your travel & stays in SA, although sometimes things doesn´t go well.
    Muchos saludos to your lovely baby y el bonito ” Kiki” ( I never saw so lonesome and hungry dogs like in SA – even in the developed Chile )

    Bon courage et bonne chance


  8. Donna Clary says:

    There’s gotta be a travel magazine, something about living unconventially…”living on the edge” for your pics and writing. Fascinating…you make me want to be there. Thank you for sharing. You give me the true “arm-chair” traveler experience!

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