Dear Soleil – Hood River Part #1

A special thanks to Richard Hallman for the amazing photos below. The last time you styled us out like this was back in Peru when Soleil was still in Stevie’s tummy (remember here). This latest round of photos are wicked! Props to Richard (below on the left) and his company, Freelance Imaging.


Dear Soleil,

Your first trip to Hood River was a huge success. You really loved it up there, and of course everyone fell in love with you! But who wouldn’t? You’re the cutest, happiest, most mellow little baby in the whole world.

Your Uncle Richard couldn’t stop taking photos of you. Below is a small collection of what he shot. You’ve just turned 10 months old in these photos and you’re already melting hearts everywhere you go.

Despite our crazy family schedule, you always seem to be happy and ready for adventure. You have to be one of the most adaptable little babies in the world. We’ve never put you on any kind of schedule, so you just blend in to any situation.

You sleep when you’re tired, passing out just about anywhere. You eat when you’re hungry, and spend the rest of your time trying to either walk, or climb something. You’re very close to being able to walk, and you’ve already had several unassisted crawling summits, including Grandma Cheryll’s stairs (very impressive!).

You love to wave at people and say “hola” You love to clap your little hands when you’re excited. You absolutely LOVE the little baby you always see in the mirror. You two just stare at each other and laugh and laugh and laugh!

You also discovered toys for the first time on this trip. Not that you didn’t have a couple toys before, but while visiting your new little baby friends (Wyatt, Finn, Rosie, and Wynne), I think you got a real taste for toys! But just so you know, we’re not taking those back home to South America! Ok, maybe just one or two. But that’s it!

I really can’t believe how fast you’re growing. Already 10 months old. It’s going by too fast. I adore you my sweet little girl.

Love Daddy




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  1. Renee May says:

    Wow, she is gorgeous and you all are looking great! I hope you can fit Jimmy and I into your trip!

  2. Grandma Cheryll says:

    Such beautiful pics! Beautiful little family!! I miss you already. Please come back soon. X

  3. Auntie Laylay says:

    Are you guys back yet?! I’m going through withdrawls ova here!!!!

    • We’re home!!!!! Wait until you see her new wardrobe. You are going to die! We got bags of hand-me-downs from some good friends, and now picking out an outfit in the morning takes me a half an hour. I want her to wear everything all at once. xo.

  4. TimWilson says:

    Awwwwwwwwsome!!! Great images, you guys look fantastic! Safe travels!

  5. Cathy alexander says:

    Hi Stevie ,Tree, Soleil: Just can’t better than that!!!!! The pictures are just beautiful of all of you, but your little star looks the the prettiest of all!!!!!! I’m very happy I got to see these pictures!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed your stay and had a safe trip back!!!!!! Lots of Love: Cathy Alexander

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ohhh Soleil…Nana & Pa had such an awesome time with you these past days…joy to be with you….and your Mommy, Daddy & Grandma Cheryll too!! xoxox

  7. I know you get tired of hearing how beautiful your little sweetie is…not…that’s not tired! BTW, that shade of green is HER color!

  8. Yeah. I guess the picks are alright. 😉

  9. Damn – can’t edit **pics

  10. The scary thing about this post is you don’t have a blind Dad eye to Sol – she is literally that amazing!! We love you guys and miss you so much! xoxo Sarah

  11. Tamara Suarez says:

    So pretty!

  12. Brian Martin says:

    SHE IS B. E. A. U. T. I. F. U. L. , Stevie and Tree !!!

  13. Jim Semlor says:

    Great Pics Tree! (kudos to Ricardo, too!) Wish I could have seen you on your stop in the Hood..maybe next time..stay safe, stay true my friend!

  14. Andrea Greever says:

    I just love her!!!! She is so cute!!!

  15. Judy Shuman says:

    Sooooo precious, darling and adorable

  16. bella!!!!

  17. Sarz Feld says:

    wow .beautiful

  18. Cindy Chischilly says:

    So beautiful!

  19. Leslie Freeman Davidson says:

    These are so lovely….When do I get to see the real thing:)

  20. Michael Upchurch says:

    What a beautiful photo

  21. Stephanie Dew says:

    She is so sweet ..always looks happy

  22. Frank Cody Bartos-Ortiz says:

    Wow! She’s a beauty! The best shot is of you two kissing in the background out of focus and Sol in focus. Killer shot!

  23. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Barry says:

    Great photos! We would like a wallet size one of the three of you in the field PLEASE! See you all soon!

  24. Beautiful family!! I love & miss you guys

  25. Cathy Fanandakis Alexander says:

    Beautiful, pictures thx for sharing!!!!!

  26. Connie Mahoney says:

    Stevie–any chance you have time for a quick “hello” in Hermosa? would love to see you and your beautiful baby girl. xoxo

  27. Corrin Crone Phillips says:

    These are fabulous. Great, great shots Richard! I think it helps having the photographer love you so much. There is magic in these.

  28. Jim Semlor says:

    You all look great

  29. Gina Briganti says:

    what a lil babe! Are you in LA? I am…

  30. Kristi Lowry says:

    She is so pretty

  31. Donna Clary says:

    My beautiful FB granddaughter Sol, magic baby.

  32. Teri Hogan says:


  33. Arlene Burns says:

    soooo great to see you guys! Thanks for the invite and all.. xxxx

  34. what a beauty she is!

  35. Freida Whiddon Cox says:

    What a handsome little’s fun watching her grow..thanks for sharing all your adventures with us…

  36. Jene Fielder says:

    Here I come, Ms Universe….

  37. Italo Vellutino says:

    Soleil!!!!!!!!!! Queeee???? Esta enorme!!! Quiero verla! No lo puedo creer!

  38. Kris y Ken says:

    Hi kids, love love love the photography. Glad you’re enjoying your northern visit. Wish we could’ve connected and someday we will again. We’re in Wa. en-route to Gibsons, BC to visit friends we met in Mexico. Sol is such a bright light..a perfect addition to your family.
    Muchos abrazos,
    Kris y Ken

  39. nonituyas says:

    Sol, you sleep like a trusting angel, (anytime, anywhere); laugh freely and happliy with every soul you meet; explore the world with open joy; and smilingly share your toys and kisses with all of us. Daddy and Mommy are doing a stellar job of raising you up in their love, Sweet Pea,
    In fact, the whole Tribe loves you FIERCELY, (and, oh yes – especially Noni!)
    I love you stars,

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