Daily Life – Mendoza

It’s been a pretty up and down week. We spent most of the time getting settled into our new apartment. This was exciting. It’s been nine months since we’ve had a place to sprawl out.

Although most people would consider the size of our new place to be similar to the size of a shoebox, it’s actually a huge upgrade in space for us, and we’re loving it.

There was some cleaning to be done.

And, of course, a lot of organizing. I hadn’t realized how much stuff we’ve accumulated over the last year on the road. It’s amazing that it all still fits inside the van. We’re gonna have to do some serious down-sizing before we hit the road again in January.

Soleil was thrilled with her few toys. She hadn’t seen all her “little people” since they were stored under our bed in the van. She’s having a blast with them.

Other than that, we suffered through a 4 day epic with Sol. She caught her first real cold, something that’s been going around with the locals. She peaked at a 104.3 degree temperature and gave us a scare.

She muscled through it and by the 4th day she was showing Mama all the best ways to get Daddy’s attention again. There is no doubt that I’m living with the two craziest girls in Argentina.

Oh yeah, the neighbors love us.

I’ve been stepping up the training as well. Feels great to have a place to do yoga again. Sol’s practice isn’t quite up to speed yet, but she’s getting there.

I also took my first rock climbing road trip. Fernando and Matty and I  headed south 4 hours to an epic area near San Rafael.

I guess I had forgotten what it’s like to road trip with a couple of young bucks. I told them I’d be in charge of gas, and they could provide the food.

Gotta love Argentinians. For a three day climbing trip, they showed up with a bag of bread, a jar of honey, 5 bananas, 3 bottles of wine, Yerba Mate, and a huge bag of weed.  Oh, and cookies. 

After what I assumed they thought was a very filling dinner, I noticed some weather coming in. I had the van to sleep in, but I told them that if the weather got bad, they should certainly join me inside.

The next morning I woke up to this. The temp gauge read 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Not the best climbing weather.

Neither of the little bros were in the van, so being a bit worried, I went out looking for them. For about 10 minutes I couldn’t find them anywhere!

Finally I spotted ‘Fre’. He was covered in snow. His sleeping bag was soaked through, and he was shivering with a huge smile on his face.

They most certainly did NOT join me in the nice dry van, and that is why they will become guides on Aconcagua, and I will not. Ever.

That’s all the update for now! Getting excited cause we have 2 visitors coming in about a week. Stevie’s best friend and my brother arrive from the USA. Should be some rowdy parties coming up I suppose.


Love my little Loca


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  1. My heart melts, love your beautiful family.

  2. Ding ding. Stevie’s best friend can swing by Mercer Island to make sure all of your belongings are brought down south!!

  3. I just wanna squish her!

  4. Aunt Debby and Uncle Barry says:

    Glad you found a place to settle in for awhile. Miss you all! Sol is quite the Yoga girl! Love you!

  5. Cathy Fanandakis Alexander says:

    So sweet and such pretty eyes!!!!!

  6. You had to drive 4 hours to go climbing?? I thought there was lots of climbing near Mendoza??

    • Yep, there is tons of climbing around Mendoza. Been hitting al of it. But also wanting to explore the surrounding areas as well.

  7. Tree,
    Thanks for sharing – always (maybe usually is a better word because sometimes you and Stevie get serious about stuff) get a good chuckle out of your routines and adventures.
    Travel safely and play nice.

  8. You guys rock,
    That lasts black and white of Tree and Sol says “yep this is my life and I love it” Priceless!
    Carry on,

  9. Que preciosa su hija!!! (I’m going back through all the blog posts to locate the words “serious” and “downsizing.” )

  10. I love Mendoza, so I hope you guys have a wonderful time there!

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