Life is so good…

We’re really loving life right now. Being posted up for a few months in Mendoza is turning out to be a really, really good decision. We have fallen in love with this town.


This area is just off the hook. Where else can you get this view on your way to go rock climbing in the mountains all day?

Below, a truck full of Malbec heads west towards the Andes…


Looking down the Mendoza river towards the valley…


Just another day in the Andes…


Below, sending one of my projects. A super techy thin climb 30 minutes outside of Mendoza…


It’s also been great having our 2 visitors here.

My little brother is getting some quality time to bond with Sol. I love seeing this so much.

Below, Adam and Soleil enjoying a book…


And Stevie has been enjoying her best friend visit.

Below, Stevie and Reagan out at a Tango bar….


As much as we’re enjoying playing house, when I look at the calendar I can see the end. Only a couple more months and then we’ll be back on the road. So we’re enjoying every minute.

DSC01704 DSC01709 DSC01896 DSC01899

Drag Show


DSC02171 DSC02178 DSC02188 DSC02200 DSC02205 DSC02207


Not sure life gets much better than this. If it does, I haven’t seen it.






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  1. I love:
    Pictures of Adam smiling!
    Sol’s photo bomb at the end.
    That both of you have your favorite people visiting.
    That they are really cute together.
    That you’re drinking Malbec in Mendoza.

    I love this post Tree. It does look like pure living. Love you.

  2. Looks like the good life for sure 🙂

  3. Nonituyas says:

    Pura vida! And Ditto what Corrin said!
    Nos vemos en un par de semanas, Familia.

  4. Ding ding. I love what Corrin loves. Miss you guys. Tell Adam he better just fill those bags with wine when he comes home. Wine for bed. Fair trade.

  5. I love what Corrin loves…and ditto what Indra says!
    You are loving your life and living your dreams.
    Carry on.

  6. Ahhhh! So nice to see a pic of Stevie and Reagan having fun! Like old times!

  7. Aunt Debby and Uncle Barry says:

    I guess we all agree with Corrin! You make me smile and warm my heart!

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