A Day in the Life of Soleil: Pichilemu

In case you were wondering what an 18-month-old nomad does on the road, I thought I’d share my average day with you.

I wake up next to Mama under a web of mosquito net. I would really like to rip it down, but if I do….


THIS will happen again.  2 zancudos + 10 minutes =  18 face bites.  No bueno.


Then, Mama makes us french toast and strawberries (my favorite!), and we eat out on the balcony.  After Daddy finishes his coffee, we walk him down to the water.


This is my good friend Goober Face.  He lives on the beach.

I sure wish he had a home.

Street pup

Here’s Dad sizing up the surf.

Daddy and Sol

Goober and I give him a good pep talk. “No te des por vencida, Dada.  You got this!”

Daddy Surf and Sol

But once he’s in the water, I say, “Papa es LOCO! He’s gonna freeze his bum off!”

Where is Daddy going?

Then, Mama and I do the shopping.  Today, I pick out a grenada (pomegranate) and a noni.  Mom says they cost a fortune in the States, wherever that is.


Grenada y Noni

This guy is my friend. He gives me strawberries.

“Chocala, amigo!” (High-five)

Choca la mano

Andres (below) gives me chocolate.  But, Mom confiscates it and hides it in her purse, which, of course, I find as soon as we get home.  I got it all figured out. Poor Mama never learns.

Andre at the verduleria

Then, we go to Mama Chela’s to buy chia seeds, sunflower seeds, honey, raisins, and farm fresh eggs.

Here I am picking out some merken, a chilean spice, for Mama and Dada.  They really like the hot stuff.

Sol at Mama Chelas

Mom went coo-coo when she saw this.  She bought a whole kilo of sea salt for less than a dollar.

Sea Salt

This guy is my other buddy.  He’s HILARIOUS!

Street pup and Sol 2

Mmmm, my favorite spot, the panaderia (the bakery).  I always test a little piece to make sure it’s fresh.

Sol at the panaderia

Off to the Pescaderia!

I would like this little boy to be my friend, but he’s shy.  Whenever I see him, I say, “Hola, nino!” and offer him some bread, but nada.  Not even a smile. Mom says to give it fifteen years, and he’ll be eating the crumbs out of my hand.

Sol at the pescaderia

This fish is called Merluza. I think I’ll stick with my lentils and rice, thank you.


After the shopping, Mama goes for her run…


…while Dad and I check out the street art and explore.





Then I take a nap. That part is boring. But, when I wake up, we take a carriage ride with HORSES!!!

Carriage ride

over the shoulder

Mom says that she’d normally never pay $10 for a short horse ride around town–but, to see the expression on my face, PRICELESS!

Sol smiling carriage

Then, we pack up and go to Punta Lobos to check out the incoming swell. Dad is impressed!


And, if the perfect waves aren’t enough already, check out this rainbow!!!


Pure magic, mama says.picnic punto lobos

Finally, we go home. Wherever home is today.


What a day! Kiki and I are pooped. Out of all of my buddies, Kiki is my favorite.  We pal around all day, and she loves it!  Mom and Dad say I’m going to chase her to the grave, but they don’t understand our special connection.  It’s like the age difference doesn’t even matter.  Sure, she’s a 100 and I’m only one-and-a-half, but we’re besties -4- ever!

Soleil and Kiki

After dinner time, it’s bath time, story time, and bed time.


Thanks Pichilemu! And thank you friends! Until the next time! Love, Soleil



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  1. Wow, Soleil! You’ve had a busy day. What a life:) Keep up the good work. Love you!!

    • We love you, Cheryll!! I hope you’re enjoying Spring in the gorge. Wish we were there to pick berries, make cobbler, hike Catherine’s creek, cook feasts, do yoga, dance bollywood and drink wine. We sure do miss you. xoxoox.

  2. Tim Wilson says:

    Great day!!! MMM Strawberries!

  3. That was adorable, what stories she will have to tell,

  4. Terry Buchanan says:

    That was a GREAT inside peak in the day in the life of a child nomad….and the parents as well! Thank you!

  5. Soleil

    You are living the dream young lady! Great job getting out and enjoying the world.


    Adventure Family in Motion

  6. Beautiful Soleil. I love seeing the day through your eyes.
    Kisses to your Momma and Dada.

  7. Nice post Sol!

  8. Caroline Eastburn says:

    Thanks for sharing your day with us, Soleil!

  9. Marcia Harrison says:

    i’m glad you had such an awesome day soleil but hurry up and get to BA so you can teach me some more Spanish!!! we miss you!

  10. Cris Dearce says:

    That was pretty great. Nicely done, you guys.

  11. Candy Benteu says:

    Oh Sol… We need to turn your blog into a book so other kids can see what a great day you had. It could be in English and Spanish and the you could share it with even more friends. I love you more than the sky and the moon…Auntie Candy

  12. Nancy Patterson says:

    Sounds like the perfect day to me.

  13. Awesome post Soleil

  14. Peggy Ditch-Langdon says:

    Thank you Soleil for sharing a bit of your life with me..

  15. Tonya Keitt Kalule says:

    Hey guys, looks like all is going well. I am loving the way she is picking out her food. It is hard to go back to the states (wherever that is) and eat the food, after being here.

    • Hola Tonya! We’ll be coming through Peru again in about a year. Will you still be there? It will be hard to leave now that you’ve gotten used to all the fresh juices for so cheap! I don’t know if you know this yet, but in Peru, when you order a fresh juice from a stand, be sure to ask for the Yapa, which is the ‘extra’ in the blender or strainer. You get it for free! It’s tradition. xoxo.

      • Tonya Keitt Kalule says:

        Yes I will still be here in Cusco. I am presently looking for a job so I can get my Carnet and one day be a Peruvian citizen. I really like it here. I thought of moving to Lima, but I think I will just visit when I really miss LA. I have not gotten any of the juices from the market, I enjoy making my own, so you must tell me what “Yapa” is. Thanks

        I have pulled off of facebook, and am using google + or just email.

        Take care and I miss lil Soliel

  16. Priceless !!

    This signorita has an enormous edge even over the lives of the rich and famous. .. To coin a phrase, she is just plain “organic”.

  17. You guys live the definition of diverse and adaptable as well as the amazing “cosmic people thing” going on…Some sort of Social Mo- Jo! Who knows just keep it up Sol is…hard to find words “Rad Mini SteeTree?” is the best I can do at the moment!! I’m heading to the Sierras in early June for 3 weeks McGee Creek will be base camp but, will be all over them hills. YEEEIEI HAAA!! Down the Owens in a raft!!

  18. Wow, I am so stoked for Tree , he is getting some sick ones.
    I am so happy for both of you.
    Your Daughter is absolutely Adorable!!!
    What a Little “Skoosh Skoosh”

  19. Nonituyas says:

    I’m counting the days til We meet in Buenos Aires, Sol. And I’m bringing your bunny!

  20. Soleil – Abuelita wants to play!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Does she have room for one more buddy?
    Love her!! Love you.. Xx

  22. Alejandra says:


  23. My momma and I LOVE to read about your adventures as a nomad! You’re growing up to be one awesome chica!

  24. Troy Giancanelli says:

    Stevie and Tree,

    What is the time difference there and what is a good time to Skype you???
    I want to talk to you guys about coming to Chile!!!
    May looks like when I can come!

    • We are four hours ahead of you. Go to your Skype account and accept my request. I’ll call you after I put the baby down for bed tonight, around 9 my time, 5 yours? If that doesn’t work, then we’ll have to wait until tomorrow evening when we get to Santiago. xo.

  25. Parasol regular says:


    I am so pleased and proud to see the awesome success you are experiencing during your nomadic endeavors! What an awesomely beautiful family, and what an incredible path you traverse!

    No one deserves true happiness and satisfaction here on this beautiful and mysterious sphere more than you!

    I hope that you never forget what a great writer that you are-although you do a great job in maintaining this great blog-the world sorely misses great writing. Internet articles and the over-saturated literary field are both plagued with the scourge of illiterate wannabes! Even prestigious news sites and readers have lost their way.

    Your light is, and always has been shining bright, so you do not owe anyone anything else, but you have a gift that very few possess. So if and when you have a chance to sit and write, please consider bestowing your written word to dazzle us all.

    I will leave with this funny thought- maybe one day, I will meet you and your family like how Andy Dufresne reunited with “Red” at the end of “Shawshank Redemption”. I will have paid my dues, and will be restoring boats in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. You all will be welcome to join me on the warm sand, and we can celebrate in the awesome weather, pristine ocean scenery, and mojitos galore!

    Written from the Breslin in Manhattan, NY, next to a broken-down Japanese pinball machine. Oi vey.

  26. Claudia Acosta says:

    I loved reading this post. My dad once wrote a short story about my first time visiting Mexico and did it as if I was narrating it. I must have been about 5 years old when he wrote it but I didn’t know about it until I was 23. I loved reading it and imagining what that trip was like for me. He described all of the new things I encountered at my grandparents’ ranch like drinking fresh milk, being chased by my grandma’s chickens, and running through my grandpa’s sugar cane field. It shows how thoughtful my dad is.
    Sol is going to read this one day and love you for doing this.

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