Chillin in BA

Not really in a mood to say much. But here are some photos of our first week in BA.

So glad my Mom is here. Soleil is loving it. Every morning the first thing she says is, “Noni, Noni”. And every night before she goes to bed, “Noni, Noni”.

So far, that’s been my highlight.


DSC07673 DSC07815 DSC07829 DSC07834DSC07872DSC07874

DSC07685DSC07738 DSC07704






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  1. Ding ding.
    We miss Noni. Send Noni home. We are going to start a petition.

  2. cheryll says:

    I am so happy Noni is there with you. Give her a hug for me, and hugs for yourselves.

  3. Ani Sil says:

    Do you have any videos of her speaking “baby-Spanish”, that you could post?

  4. Hola Sprinter tribe,
    Mr. Tree seems to fret and slip into a mundane sort of funk when not fully engaged in as much “rad shit” as possible! !(I get it bro,) hang tight with your awesome tribe for a few more weeks and you will be on the road again.
    Sol is getting so well adjusted and has always been a happy little soul, Cannot wait to see her again as always….Love, Laugh and drink good booze. Carry -on!!

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