Update from Brazil

Yep, it’s true. We haven’t been updating the blog. Just caught up in the whirlwind of life. Here’s a quick update from Brazil…

Soleil is in full training mode… potty training that is.  Nothing makes me feel more manly than dancing around with my daughter singing,

“Pee Pee in the potty, Pee Pee in the potty!!!”  


DSC08703 DSC08729

We’ve really been enjoying our apartment at Mandalla. Crazy how you forget about the pleasant things in life when you’re living on the road… like having access to a hot shower any time you want!


Although my rib injury is preventing me from climbing, Stevie and Soleil have been tearing it up. Sol calls out her own boulder problems now days.

It’s so cool to watch her enthusiasm. I can’t wait until she can rope gun for me…


One thing I will say about Soleil… She is a natural climber.

DSC08753 DSC08770 DSC08773

Taking a break between climbs…


Soleil isn’t the only young prodigy out at the crag. Her new best friend, Luah, hangs out in her cuna (crib) right at the base of the wall while her parents climb. Sol has fallen in love with her. She is always asking Stevie if we can take her home.


So far our take-away on Brazil is that the people are of the highest quality. We have made some amazing friends here.

Below, Soleil having a ball with Luah and our friend Michelle from Rio De Janeiro.

DSC08788 DSC08803 DSC08814

Below, our good friends and hosts, (owners of the Mandalla), Fran and Wagner prepare an amazing pizza dinner. (Luah’s Mom, Mara, to the right).


These guys are proper climbers and I’m really hoping our paths cross again after we leave Brazil. I have a feeling it will happen. They seem to do a fair amount of international traveling.


Another night, another party. Brazilian BBQ at Mandalla…


Soleil checking out the action…



Giving love to her nanny, Anna…


So just been lurking in Brazil. Not much more to say.

Monday I get on a plane and fly solo to the USA for a blitz business trip. It’s gonna be super sad to leave Stevie and Soleil. It will be the first time I’ve really been away from Sol since she was born. NOT STOKED.

I don’t think Stevie is either. At least it’s only 2 weeks.







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  1. Hola sprinter tribe,
    Firstly, Sol is growing and changing so fast! what an amazing life she is afforded. I really commend you guys for making the choices to raise Sol in such a wild sort of (give her a blank canvas and surround her with love and adventures) way.
    Having the opportunity to be the father figure in my nieces lives is the single most rewarding feeling in my life.
    My eight y/o niece is such a pure spirit, unaffected by the negatives of life as of yet but, I see subtle changes that bring an itch to take her “on the road” and let her experience other cultures and communities.
    Next, the fact that you guys have only ben away from one another (except just a few short times) in Sol’s entire life so, I get how it’s a big deal and am sending protective positive energy to help. Seems as though you have a great extended tribe where you are and will be fine
    I just returned from a week at my ranchland near Seligman AZ. and began the process of building. (septic tank and mapping and so on) I am building an off grid solar shipping container home on thirty six acres of prime High Desert property (about a hundred miles from the Grand Canyon in Yavapai County.)
    My Sierra trip was amazing and physically grueling (I went a bit too soon after my Hepatitis treatment) I have many photos I will post after I update my system.
    Finally I am Hep C Free!! no sign of the virus as of three weeks ago!
    Dr.says chances are almost certain that it will not return and after 6 months chances are 99.9% certain to never return!
    I’m blessed and stoked and feel so much better and have gained half the weight I lost during treatment.
    Hope to be set up soon and will get Skype and hit you guys up soon.
    Tree, safe travels and may your trip be productive and go with as little glitches as possible so you can get back to where the love is.
    Much Love my friends,

  2. Mr Rashid Keki Mukadam says:

    If you like brazil so much you will like india 10 times more as it is cheaper than brazil and has more culture .Meanwhile I would like to know what model no smpart phone you use and weather you use google of\r yahoo maps thanks and keep up the good work I look forward to hearing from you

  3. Double A (Andy Allen) says:

    Hi Tree. Not sure how long it has been my friend, but I was doing some surfing to buy a new raft and found my self here. What an adventure you guys are on. I have had a blast checking out your pictures. So much fun having kids and I have three to keep me going over in in Montana.

    You and your family look great and I hope to cross paths with you again some day. More to come later, but I wanted to give you a shout. Where are you going for Business? I may be in Hood River this weekend.

    Take it easy


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