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Towards the end of Sprinter Life, I really fell behind on the daily updates. Quite frankly, I just didn’t have time. About three months ago, I started working with Tree at Outdoorplay. So between keeping my boss happy, keeping Tree happy (you didn’t think Tree was my boss did you?), and designing the new site, I was over my head.  Which means, get ready for the mega-update. Going forward, I plan to keep these babies short, sweet, and current. I swear.

Basically, for the past two months, we’ve been doing exactly what we set out to do when we came back to the States: spend time with friends and family, rock climb, and work really hard. 

We left Hood River at the beginning of July and drove north to Bellingham to visit family. 
Sol and Daddy playing xylophone

While we were there, Soleil discovered two new things that she LOVES: 

1) Sweet peas
Soleil Sweet Pea2) And running through the sprinklers. Aunt Debby and Sol Sprinklers

Soleil Sprinklers Bubble

We hadn’t been in the States to celebrate the 4th of July for six years. Honestly, we never missed it like we did Halloween or Christmas. But this year, being able to celebrate with Sol for her first time was just awesome. She ate BBQ, went real fast on Auntie Indra and Uncle Brent’s motorboat, and watched fireworks with her cousins. 

I feel like we finally showed our little Peruvian what it means to be an American! 
Daddy and Sol Boat

Daddy and Sol Boat2

Riding the Hot Dog

Then we continued north on to Squamish, Canada where my bestie Reagan flew out from Maine with her sweet beau to visit us. I hadn’t seen her since Mendoza a couple years ago.  

Reagie, Kip, and Sol ice cream

Reagan and KIp

The first night Reagan visited, she and I went to catch up and drink cheap booze at a dive bar called The Chieftain. Towards the end of the evening, at a whopping 11pm for us (clearly not the wild cats we used to be), a very drunk guy staggered up to us and said, “Excuse me. I just wanted to tell you that this is awesome,” as he pointed back and forth between Reagan and me, “You guys are so…so…connected. So in tuned to each other.  It’s like…better than any sex I’ve ever experienced. REALLY. I’m jealous.” And then he walked away. As polite as could be, because he was Canadian, and Canadians, even drunk ones at dive bars, are really, really nice. 

Reagan and I have heard a lot of colorful things from sloshed men at dive bars in our years, but that might be the first time someone complimented the strength of our emotional bond. What a sage 🙂 He was right, we do share a special connection, and it was so good to spend real live time together.

A couple days later, we put on our hiking shoes and slugged uphill for 3.5hrs to the top of The Real Chieftain!

Reagie and Stevie Vista

We might have been a little delirious at this point….

Crazy kids

I’m glad we got to take the gondola back down.

The Gondola

It was great to see Reagan and Soleil connect, too.  It’s weird, but it makes me feel so good–so loved– when someone I love appreciates and loves Soleil. I wish money would compound the way love does when it’s shared. I’d be rich. 
Reagan and Sol chasing

Who needs clothes when you’re wearing your favorite boots? 

Soleil in her favorite boots

And we went to Alice Lake, ate food at Fergie’s, Zephyr’s and The Watershed, and went rock climbing at Cheakamus Canyon. I wish we had more time together.  Sometimes what I miss most as a nomad is being able to grab a quick latte with a good friend. 
mama and soleil at the beach

I’ve had a lot of friends throughout my life, but only about a dozen or so scale the years. Reagan continues to evolve with me, as do my childhood friends Scottie and Brienna. I’ve been a sister to those sisters for 33 years. 

Scottie and Bree and I hadn’t all been together since my 30th birthday, nearly a decade ago. So, one of my goals for being back in the States this year was to plan a reunion. To make that happen, Soleil and I had to get from Squamish to Mendocino, California. I swear that trip was as hard as getting to the bottom of South America. Thank god Soleil is a rockstar nomad baby. First we took a 1.5hr shuttle to Vancouver, then we flew to Seattle, had a short layover and connected to Oakland, and then drove 3.5hrs on wicked curvy road to Mendocino. 

Total pukes: 2

Total hours: 14

Total tears: 0


Soleil on the plane

Watching Sol play with Scottie and Bree, and Bree’s daughter Maxine, was equally heart-swelling. We spent a lot of time walking along the headlands of Mendocino…..


engineering Wedgit creations, six-story motorhomes, and stick castles….

Soleil and Scottie Romper


Jumping on the trampoline…..

Soleil and Maxine antiqued

(Thank god for the nets. They never had those when we were kids.)

Soleil bouncing hard

Doing Kids Musical Yoga…..

Kids Musical Yoga with Maxine


Soleil gardening

Lady Brienna

And we even got to go to the Flynn Creek CIRCUS!!!  (No animals were used; human tricks only)

Circus Unicycle

Soleil was enthralled!

Maxine Sol Circus

Soleil smiling circus

At one point, she even tried to jump on stage….

Soleil enthralled

Soleil trying to get on stage

and then cried when I wouldn’t let her. 

soleil crying

Mean Mama didn’t want her to get shot by an arrow. 

Contortionist 1

Granted…the lady had good aim. 

Contortionist 2

This summer has been filled with friends and family– with feelings of home sweet home. 

The Pier Smiles

The Pier

The Pier2

On a side note, if you need– and believe me, you do NEED– amazing handcrafted jewelry, Brienna’s art is just striking. You can see her gallery  here: Brienna Hall Fine Handmade Jewelry and Millinery
Brienna Hall jewelery

Soleil had a great summer with friends too. She played every single day with Cameron, Kate, and Lola– her Canadian ‘amigos.’ The four of them were like the Little Rascals–climbing on the monkey bars, pushing each other on the swings, playing Hide ‘n’ Seek and Duck Duck Goose. She used to only be interested in babies, but now she’s actively engaged with kids her own age, and it’s  just awesome to see. We even made friends with the parents and had some fun adult/child parallel play 🙂

Soleil and her amigos

Now we’re back in Hood River. Tomorrow we start our 3 day Deschutes River trip! We’re so excited. This will be Soleil’s first river rafting trip ever! 



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