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Hi friends, 

So, finally, it’s here: Nomadly in Love is live. Getting to this point took much longer than I’d anticipated, and I actually cried a few times along the way. Apparently web design is not my superpower. After two failed attempts of starting from scratch–and all the time, money, emails and headache entailed with that–I finally decided to just replicate Sprinter Life, add some functionality, and call it good.  At least now I can start writing again, which is the main purpose anyway. Hooray!

So let me tell you what’s the same and what’s new at Nomadly in Love: 



  • We’re still a family of nomads traveling in a vehicle, living a downsized lifestyle with super-sized life experience. We’re still going around the world, albeit slower than the melting icecaps. And I’ll still be updating the blog with photos and journal-style entries of our Daily Life.
  • Ice cream is still awesome. 

Ice cream 1


    • Aside from Daily Life updates and Essays, I’ll also be writing Recipes from the Road. Most will be vegetarian–all will be wholesome, delicious, and simple to make. Sometimes they’ll be adaptations from other recipes, but mostly they’ll be original inspirations I picked up from our travels. 
    • I’ve also added an Ask Stevie tab on the menu bar. Throughout the years, I’ve answered hundreds of emails, ranging from “What’s it like crossing borders?” and “How do you make money?” to more personal inquiries like “I really want to travel like you guys, but my wife is a homebody. How do I convince my spouse to live life on the road?” Knowing how often I get the same questions, and how often we all privately struggle with the same issues, I’ve wished I could share some of these conversations openly. If you’re okay with sharing, you can login via various Social Media Networks, or ask anonymously if you prefer more privacy. And, of course, I’m still available via email. I answer every one. 
    • I’ve added a Giving=❤ tab that is a place for me to give you short e-books, manifestos, nomad gear guides and other cool stuff (Coming Soon!), and for you to reciprocate, as well, for the value you get from the site.
    • Email subscription list is more manageable! You can sign up to receive All Posts, or only Daily Life, Essays or Recipes, or a combination of the three. Also, you can choose to receive updates weekly or monthly. 
    • There’s other bells and whistles, too, like updated Media, Video, and Our Story pages, and better social networking tools that allow you to share the posts and/or images through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 
    • Eating ice cream ON A CONE at Earnest Ice Cream in Vancouver


Icecream 2

Another thing that’s evolved is my intention with the blog.  Sprinter Life started out as a diary to update our family and friends as we drove the Pan-American highway. But, through the years, the blog became something more than that. It’s become a community with whom I can share my ideas, passion, and inspiration through photos and words. And, even more than that, it’s also become a conversation, a way for me to hear back from you in a way that other mediums, like magazine articles and books, don’t facilitate.  

With Nomadly in Love, I just want to keep the conversation going. I want to keep discussing and sharing the inspiration to live passionately, the power to create a sui-generis lifestyle, and the belief in personally transforming our reality to realize our dreams. You know, the little shit. 

Lastly, I have a favor to ask. In the coming months, please write me feedback to let me know what you think. And if you read a post that you think someone else might enjoy, please share the love! 

It’s always been hard for me to ask for help, especially involving something akin to self-promotion. It feels super uncomfortable. But I just read a great quote on a friend’s blog today……

“Those who can ask without shame are viewing themselves in collaboration with—rather than in competition with—the world.” -Amanda Palmer, The Art of Asking

….. and it motivated me to put ego aside, step outside of my comfort zone, and just ask already. Bam, it’s that easy, right? Because you know what, I want to be in collaboration with the world.

And I want to be in collaboration with you!


Thanks for being the best part of Nomadly in Love 🙂









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  1. Congratulations! And KITTENS! 🙂 <3

  2. Growing up so fast! 🙂

  3. fantastic!

  4. Oh yeah. Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah-O.

  5. Was wondering when a change would be made. Well done!

  6. So great. I’ll spread the word.

  7. Darlin, I’ll be up in Vancouver at the end of Sept. Want to do a collaboration video???

  8. Congrats! Let’s all celebrate with a smile and ice cream. Don’t know where that idea came from.

  9. Good for you Stevie! Looking
    forward to all the love you share !

  10. It’s wonderful you are still blogging and sharing your journey. Let me know if you have any website/WordPress questions. I like sharing what I know.

  11. Anonymous says:

    YESSSS !!!! I am so stoked right now! I have been craving more of your brilliance & humor!! I will take this in lieu of a book, for now (wink, wink!).


    • I’m so stoked that you’re stoked! Not gonna lie, the migration from Sprinter Life to Nomadly in Love has been challenging, but I’m ready to start digging deep and writing again….and that includes the book! 🙂

  12. This is beyond awesome!!

  13. Yeah! The new site looks awesome. Fun to think that we looked at proofs on a campground table in Yosemite way back in May. We look forward to enjoying more of your brilliant writing, my friend.

  14. This new website is OFF THE HOOK. I mean it. Daily life, essays, recipes, Ask Stevie?? A kitten for commenting???? Yes please.

    Til we meet again… write on!

    P.S. Love the new logo 🙂

  15. Damn server issues. Sorry for the super slow load times….fixing this now.

  16. She is such a cutie!

  17. Welcome back. We missed you! Love the new name. . . .Onward!

  18. Finally <3!!

  19. it looks AWESOME!!!!!! 🙂

  20. Server issues fixed! Load time is jamming!

  21. My pregnant wife wants your ice cream cone Soleil

  22. She is starting to look so much like you, Stevie!!! Que Bella Bambina!!!!

  23. How about recipe sharing with you?stuff we eat as a family. Is there a button for that?

    • I love that idea! I’d love to post recipes written by you that you could share with me and the NIL community. Are you in?

    • Totally in! And all my recipes have been adapted to my liking so they’re really easy to make substitutions to your liking.you could post your version with what you added. …something like that. Your website has my gears turning lol.

  24. Nonituyas says:

    You just keep making it all better and better. Love you all stars!

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