Draft Show and Town Fair: Nephi, Utah

Finally. We made it to a town fair. It had been way too long since we bumped elbows with the local set. Frankly, North Americans just don’t gather as much as their southern neighbors do. 

Somewhere in Latin America, there’s a celebration going on right now, guaranteed. It seems like every other day it’s some Saint’s day, and the whole town gets together in the plaza to party. The school band plays. Parents sip beers while the kids run wild.  And there’s always ample food and fireworks. It’s a loud, lo-fi production for the whole family–and might be what I miss most about Mexico south.

It’s much harder to catch a public celebration here in the States. When we do, it’s equally good but very different. 

First of all, we couldn’t get a beer at this fair because we’re in Utah, which definitely makes it lose a few points if you’re counting, but, making up for it, it had all the right fixings for Soleil: bouncy house, face-painting, paddle-boats and pony rides. She was in heaven.    

Soleil bouncy house slide

The bouncy house was packed with kids. Every now and then one got bonked or trampled and came out crying for his mom. Numerous kids took face plants off the slide. I was shocked Soleil withstood it for so long. She must have bounced for at least an hour before I went in to pull her out. I found her lying down, cool as a cucumber, as kids bounced around her, narrowly missing her head. She was too tired to jump anymore but didn’t want to leave. 

Next came the face painting. I don’t understand why kids will sit still for face painting, yet you have to tackle them to put on sunblock. After this zen-like display of patience from Soleil, I bought a foundation brush to paint on sunblock. I know, I’m a genius. She said, “Like  a tiger! Like a tiger!” and let me slather it on. 

Face painting

Soleil the Tiger

Soleil roared the rest of the day. 

Soleil Tiger3

The fair was really well-done. It went on for 3 days and had numerous events: a rodeo, a draft show, and…..wait for it……..KENNY ROGERS! 

When I was four years old, I had a crush on Kenny Rogers. He had such a kind face and sang great songs. But I remember thinking he was ancient, like as old as Santa Claus. Turns out he was 42, just three years older than I am now. 

Sol loved seeing the fancy horses. 
Soleil and Horses


But the pony ride took the cake. 

Pony Ride1

Pony Ride2

We pet goats, paddled a boat, watched a Native American dance show.


Paddle boats

Native American show

And then, if it couldn’t get any better, we went to a fairy tea party.

Soleil with all the fairies

We drank lemonade, ate cookies, and danced. 



I think these fairies were lost. Two states to the west boys! We love men in tutus where I’m from!Men in Tutus

Sadly, by the end of the day, our little tiger was exhausted, and we had to miss The Gambler. And, to top it off, Kenny Rogers just announced his retirement. The sacrifices we make to be good parents! We’ll never let Soleil live this one down. 

Soleil and Daddy



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  1. Love this

  2. Looks like a fun day!
    I was trying to think about when I started reading your blog, and realized I started reading when Sol wasn’t even born yet, and now she is so big and full of fire! I love it! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us!

  3. .

  4. Stevie Trujillo Children spend endless hours thinking about wild possibilities, of ways the world could be different if…pretending, So when it’s time to provide the counterfactual experience for Soleil – Abuelita’s got the Magic Kingdom Tix.

  5. THAT is one gorgeous child!! Kudos to the photographer too.

  6. As a native Angeleno, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for Disneyland. My family went around once a year, and each time, it was like Christmas. I’m actually excited to take Soleil for the first time. And I’m totally going to buy her Mickey ears.

  7. Wow I don’t think Charli could sit still long enough to let them paint her face like that.

    • I never would have guessed that Sol could. Washing her face and/or applying sunblock require lighting fast judo moves. But the ‘foundation brush’ trick totally worked. I’d give it a try.

  8. Linda soleil! Saudade de vocês!

  9. DIBS!: I’m getting her face paints for her Birthday. It can be her “make-up”. 🙂

  10. Muito bonita

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