Happy 3rd Birthday Soleil!!!

Soleil’s 3rd birthday celebration actually started a few days before the actual day (October 9th) in Las Vegas. She got her party going with these two cute little guys, Noah and Elijah, otherwise known as, The Lorenzo boys.

3 musketeers 

I don’t know how Lisa (the boys’ mom) and I did it, but we managed to squeeze in a gymnastics class…

Olympic Soleil

Elijah in flight

the Greek festival (there’s nothing Greek about my photos, but we did eat yummy Greek food)

Greek Fest Pony

Noah at the top of the mountain

Dancing at the Greek Fest 1

a trip to the Springs Preserve (again, there’s no part of nature preserved in my photos, mea culpa)

Soleil kissing statue

Soleil with the statues

Lego Castle

a birthday party (not Sol’s), a birthday for Sol (thank you Lisa!), a trip to the climbing gym, and Lisa even watched Sol for us one night while Tree and I went to see Book of Mormon, which was HILARIOUS by the way. It was a whirlwind three days PACKED with fun for the whole family…

…especially for these two. They kind of had a ‘thing’ going. 

Meet Sol’s future husband- Elijah Trujillo- as Tree likes to say. 

Soleil and Elijah 1

Soleil and Elijah 2

First quarrel. He won’t listen. She cries. He’s confused. Oh how we’ve all been there. 
First Fight Sol and Elijah

Shadowing Lisa for a couple days made me appreciate the life we don’t have. I love our nomadic life, and it suits us incredibly well, but with our choice to live on the road comes sacrifice. We give up things like gymnastics classes, neighborhood friends, a trusted pre-school, a house with ample space and toys, and friends to watch our kids while we have a date night. There’s a part of me that wishes we could lead double lives–that we could have a house and the life that surrounds it AND be nomads. And, in a way, I guess we do sometimes. We’re lucky enough to have friends and family that fold us into their routine for a few days here and there so we can ‘feel’, if only for a moment, what ‘normal’ life is like. And it feels really good. But…..

At the same time, if you’ve been struck by that gypsy stick, you know what I mean when I say, it feels better to move on to something new. No matter how awesome a place is, we always get a little excited when we pull out onto the open highway. 

After Vegas, we drove south to Yuma, Arizona to celebrate Sol’s b-day with this rowdy crew.  

The Party Crew

 Cyndi, Sol’s Abuelita, drove out from Los Angeles to help Pa ‘n’ Nana (and us) spoil our kid. Soleil definitely received far more presents (and sugar) this year than we ever thought we’d give our 3yr old. (Read We Did It for the Wild to remember our declaration that she doesn’t need presents, “your presence is enough.” Go ahead, laugh at us, we do.)

But, what can we say, it’s hard not to do things that make your kid look like this: 

Soleil bday

Soleil eating cake

We probably could’ve stopped at the ice cream cake, but, hey, she needed art supplies….

Opening presents with Mama

And a new amazing book introducing the letters of her name (Thank you Pa and Nana! And thank you Nana for the lovely balloons and decorations!).

Besides, see what happens when you deprive your kids? She’d KILL for a present. 

Soleil tearing into her present 

And she most certainly needed all the super cool clothes from Abuelita (this mom oops i mean kid loves clothes)….

Abuelita clothes

And for those of you that have been following us on Facebook, you know about Sol’s big b-day request, the one thing she wanted more than anything, the ONE GIFT that was on the list for months…

…………………………….A RED COMPUTER!!!!

Red computer

And, she was only mildly interested. In fact, I think she was more excited by the musical Frozen card. I guess after gorging your face with ice cream cake and getting super ‘chido’ outfits and books with your name and face on it, you just don’t care about expensive red computers.

Which is good, I suppose, because we want to sell it ASAP. Anyone want a 64g 7″ Kindle in perfect condition?

Seriously, this turned out to be a really overqualified red ‘reader’ for me. 

I ended up spending the second half of the evening on the phone with Amazon as the nice guy from India and I commiserated over the fact that the Kindle does not and will not play movies in any other language but English. That’s right, not even if the movie comes in Spanish dolby, not even if you pre-loaded your 3yr old’s special RED b-day present with all of her favorite Spanish movies to help her survive long treacherous plane/car rides with her insane parents who go even crazier when she won’t stop crying “hemos llegado?! hemos llegado!?” every five minutes. No, it won’t work. 

So, anyway, if you want a good deal on a 7″ 64g Kindle, let me know. 

The next day, Pa took us all on a Harley ride. Soleil was afraid to ride on back alone, but she LOVED riding with other people. We all had a turn riding around the RV park with her. She yelled “rapido, Pa, rapido!!” as the wind blew back her curls and muffled her non-stop giggles. 

Soleil's first harley ride 2

Soleil Abuelita and Pa on the Harley

A couple days later, we left the Bounder and Trooper in Yuma under Pa’s protection, and we drove a rental car to San Diego where we stayed with the Simko’s (Thank you Simkos!) one night before flying to Los Cabos, Mexico to enjoy some family vacation time with Noni, Uncle Adam, and Tree’s cousin Robby and his wife Molly. 

I love Baja. Even though it’s super touristy, overrun by gringos, and English is as common as Spanish, I still love it here, which says a lot. I think it’s the magical combination of tropics and desert that screams of paradise to me. Warm water, a gentle breeze, dry heat, bright flowers, birdsongs, palm trees, and tequila. If only there were rock climbing, I’d never want to leave…for at least a couple months 😉

In a few days, we fly from Cabo to Mexico City to Santiago to Mendoza, where we’ll be posted up for the rest of the year! Argentina, here we come!!!! 
Photo bonus: 

Apparently the first settlers in Las Vegas were vegan, hence the name “Las Vegans” (taken at the Springs Preserve)

Las Vegans


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  1. Kid knows how to party!! Feliz Cumple Sol!!

  2. So damn cute!!!

  3. Stuck by the gypsy stick… so well put and i understand exactly what you mean! Even knowing what we’ll be giving up in December when we hit the road again; central air, hot showers, the comforts of a lazy day in pjs in front of the tv… we can’t wait to get out on the road discovering new vistas.

  4. stay safe with the storm coming in…

  5. ” Happy Joyful Birthday Sweetie ” ~ <3

  6. Feliz cumpleanos, sweet Soleil! Y’all hang on tight–thinking of you as Patricia nears!

  7. Feliz cumple Soleil!!! Saludos Stevie y Tree!!

  8. Que linda como un sol!! Feliz tercer Cumpleaños to youuuuu!! <3

  9. Wow. What more satisfying feeling as a parent than raising a truly happy kid! 🙂

  10. There is a face of pure joy!

  11. Feliz cumple Soleil!! I can’t believe it’s been a year already since her we celebrated her bday in Buenos Aires. besos <3

  12. Stay out of mexico!

    • Too late for that. But we’re in Cabo San Lucas, far away from the storm. We’re supposed to fly to Mexico City on Sunday though…we shall see what the storm brings in terms of delays and such.

  13. Are in the storm way be safe if you are co.

  14. I want the double life too!

  15. Englsih—-excellent
    Yiddish—-fail The word you used, stick, is schtick !!!!

  16. Hi Stevie, Soleil & Tree What a exciting birthday!!!! Looks like lots of fun!!!! Soleil has so much stimulation of sights, sounds, people, friends & family!!!! I used to go to Greek festivals all the time with my Yia, Yia and parents! I’m very partial to Greek food! I make it all the time!!!! Half Greek and Italian! I’m a mixed up baby! LOL Harley rides are always nice!!!!! The children are adorable Soleil gets to play with!!!!! Have fun, be safe on all your travels!!!!! Lots of Love Cathy Cuz Alexander

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