Viva Mexico! Viva Cabo San Lucas!

I visited Cabo for the first time 17 years ago. My friend and I stayed in a nice casita-type of hotel within walking distance of town. We snorkeled, visited a church, and putzed around in the hot sun, drinking beer and eating fish tacos. Cabo wasn’t quite the sleepy fishing village it used to be, but it certainly hadn’t  grown into the mega-resort McGringoland it is today.

Mama and Sol in the waves

Mama and Sol in the waves 2

Still, I love it here. I actually love the whole peninsula, but especially the southern half. 

These beach shots are at Cerritos, which isn’t far from Todos Santos, where we got to release baby turtles five years ago (remember here). When you see how tiny and incapable they are, it’s a miracle any survive. 

Noni Sol and Daddy at Cerritos

It’s crazy to think that the last time we were here was 5 years ago to the day. We crossed the border into Mexico on October 12, 2010 and spent a couple weeks van-camping in the general vicinity of Los Cabos. We spent half of our day at Starbucks in San Jose, escaping the heat and using the internet, and the second half surfing Zippers, Monuments, Old Man’s, etc.

Soleil y Dada en el agua

I was a terrible surfer. No matter where we went, I got sucked into a pile of rocks covered in sea urchins, and Tree would have to come save me. I limped for weeks, and “erizo” (urchin) was one of my first Spanish words. “Tengo erizo en mi pie!,” I’d yell to anyone who’d listen.(Translation: I have urchin in my foot!)

At the time, Tree and I were living on <1.5k a month, which was a little less than what our rent used to be a year prior in Venice, California. We ate street tacos, slept on the side of the road, and hosed-off outside the back of the van after surfing. Living on the cheap never felt so rich. 

Cerritos beach scene

Soleil playing in the water Cerritos

This time we stayed in a 5-star resort called Hacienda del Mar attached to the Sheraton. It was NICE. Really nice. Possibly the nicest place we’ve ever stayed as a family. What a different experience! 

Noni Sol 1

Soleil LOVED her mornings and evenings in the pool–midday was too hot. She’s getting so much braver in the water. Somehow we need to keep finding warm water while living in rock climbing zones. Not so easy, but San Sebastian, Spain has caught our eye. Wink wink. 

Noni Sol 2

And, of course, she loved spending time with Noni, her mejor amiga. 

Noni Sol 3

Check out Soleil doing the End Zone dance. Oh yeah! We’re rich! Oh yeah! 

Soleil doing the End Zone dance

Kidding, we’re not rich. We’re just lucky to have a Noni who inherited a timeshare and spoils us. Speaking of which, Noni and Soleil and I went out to a fancy breakfast with bottomless mimosas! Viva Mexico! We all took a nap that day. 

I usually order huevos rancheros, but this time I tried something new: Huevos Oaxacena- eggs drowning in a chili-tomato sauce with refried beans and corn tortillas on the side. Yum.

It pays to be brave.

Huevos Oaxacena

Soleil got pancakes with blueberries. Because it also pays to order what you know you like. 

Noni and Sol at Girasoles 

For the first week, Tree’s cousin Robby and his wife Molly joined us.

Tree Robby and Sol Aarrrrh!

They’d never been to Mexico before, and it was great experiencing things with them, and by proxy. Their enthusiasm was inspiring.

Out on the town

In some ways, we’ve become spoiled. Our base line for exotic and adventure has reached extraordinary high levels in the last 6 years, so much so that at times we fail to appreciate the nuances of where we are. I don’t want to ever get that “been there done that” feeling even if we have been there and done that. There’s always something new to learn, new to explore. 


Besides, we got this ferocious tiger with a hunger to see the world…

Soleil Aaarrrgh!With Noni around, Tree and I took the opportunity to have a fancy date night. It’s funny, normal couples need date night because life (jobs, children, activities, commutes) keeps them apart so much, but Tree and I have spent nearly every waking and sleeping minute together for the past 6 years. Dare I say, every night is date night? 

Still, we definitely appreciated the chance to eat dinner without Soleil. We got to sit at the table together and taste our food! 

Date night Soleil took the next two photos by herself. Pretty good kiddo! Soleil's second picture of mama

Soleil's picture of mama Noni took the opportunity to dine overlooking the Sea of Cortez with her two handsome sons. 

Noni Adam and Tree We took a side trip to Todos Santos, which was fun but not nearly long enough.  I could walk around that artsy, bohemian, hippy-haven for hours on end. Tree not so much.

We did stop in at the original Hotel California and eat lunch at Tequila Sunrise across the street.  

Hotel California

Noni and Sol Hotel Calfornia

Noni and Sol at Tequila Sunrise

Next up, Argentina! Yup, we just couldn’t resist going back to our favorite country. Why is it our favorite you ask? Great rock climbing. Great wine. Great people. What more could we want? (Well, besides the beach). 

Soleil and her pink monkey


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  1. Ding ding!
    LOVED spending two whole weeks with you all in Cabo.
    Family Time, infinity pools, cold Pacificos and sipping pure Agave, soft nights, crashing waves – perfect!
    Dinner with my sons at the Cortez -OMG.
    (Of course, swimming with Soleil every morning and evening was the very best part. How I love her!)
    See you in Mexico City in December!
    Love Noni

  2. I have been thinking a lot of the attitude of “been there, done that” recently. With our departure down the PanAm only 7 weeks away, I want to make sure we take in the joy of the entire trip, and work hard not to get bogged down in comparisons of previous places we’ve visited around the world. Enjoy Argentina!

  3. you know who says:

    I invented ding ding. Ahh Baja, my happy place. Miss you guys

  4. We have a timeshare in Cabo and head down there every year for a week or two with some friends. While I do enjoy the offerings Cabo has with it’s restaurants and some high school friends down there, I really yearn for the quiet of smaller towns. Last year we did rent a car on two different occasions and drove up to Todos Santos and also look our kids surfing at Cerritos. It was so peaceful and relaxing! Definitely could have used more time there relaxing.

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