Mendoza, Argentina Part 2

First big news, it’s Tree here. I’m coming out of blogger retirement. With Stevie writing more articles for other publications, she asked me to help keep the family blog posts updated, so voila. 

Our time in Mendoza was a complete success, by my standards. We came to drink wine, Check.

We visited a half dozen new vineyards on this trip. Mendoza is like Napa or Walla Walla, there really are no bad wines down here. 

Soleil Lagoon with DaddySoleil at lagoon 1Soleil Lagoon Swamp Thing

Visiting wineries always has it’s humor. When your auto-timer is drunk, this happens. Over and over again. 

When your auto-timer is drunk

We also came to Mendoza to rock climb, Check. 

Daddy spotting Sol

Our climbing days were the best days. All day outside in nature together, each of us working on and sending our own projects. Heaven.

We got Ari and Sol rope climbing for the first time as well. They both did great. Below, Ari topping out on a great 510a.

Ari climbing 10.a

And below, Soleil dialing in her first 5.6. 

Soleil rope climbing 1Soleil rope climbing 2

She was so stoked. Love to see her smile like this…

Soleil sent!

Stevie also sent her hardest climb to date. It was a really beautiful 5.11b. Honestly, I thought it was harder. So proud of her. On her 2nd to last attempt she gunned it for the chains and flash out, taking a solid 15 foot fall. She came down, and went right back up and sent it! This girls got it.

Stevie climbing 11.b

I was also finally able to send something. I was frustrated after leaving Canada this summer with an injury and a goose egg. But things lined up and I was able to tick a nice 12c and a rather strenous 12d. 

Tree climbing 12.dTree Climbing 12.d TWO
But even more rewarding was just having fun with Soleil….

Soleil swinging 5

Soleil swinging 4

We spent a lot of time over the last couple months getting her used to the cord. I think 2016 is going to be her break through year!

Soleil swinging 6Soleil swinging 3Soleil swinging 2Soleil swinging 1Soleil flying

When Sol wasn’t climbing, she was exploring with Ari. They had their little routine. First stop, Santa Teresa de Los Andes. Sol was  mesmerized by what she saw as an enormous doll. “La Muneca,” she called her. 

She wanted into the doll’s house so badly. 

Soleil wants in with the muneca

And then one day, the gate was open. 

Soleil got inside the munecas cage

She gave the big doll hugs and kisses and flowers. 

Soleil inside with the muneca

Hmmm, what kind of doll is this? 

Soleil and JesusSoleil and Jesus 2

They went on  hikes together…


..and looked for rocks. The more sparkles, the better. 

Crazy Beautiful Rock

And picked flowers. It rained much more than usual in Mendoza so the desert flowers were in full bloom. 


They spotted condors. Condors

And spoke Spanish. That’s the other reason we came to Mendoza, to give Sol two months of non-stop Spanish speaking, and the results have been amazing. The other day, she taught Stevie a word, not that Stevie needs any more words. (I’m doomed). 

Basically, we all had an amazing time together in the wild. Which reminds me…

Soleil and Ari
At the start of this year, Stevie and I set a goal of spending 100 days in the wild

We hit our goal and then some, coming in at 126 days. There’s no doubt spending so much time in nature has been amazing for Soleil. 
Soleil loving georgeLoving SoleilRock star SoleilSilly SoleilPensive SoleilBeautiful Soleil


We’re a little sad to leave Mendoza. Sol is definitely going to miss Ari, but we’re onto our next adventure today… Mexico City to celebrate Stevie’s 40th birthday. She is SO EXCITED. Stay tuned for more!  





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  1. She’s going to grow into a fascinating, well rounded young lady…she lucky to have you guys.

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  13. Terry Buchanan says:

    I love watching her grow up through your blog. On to the next adventure, can’t wait!

  14. pero que linda

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  16. The smiles on your faces say it all. La Pura Vida!

  17. Clara Horchler says:

    I’m sorry, but I love Soleil’s face when looking at the crucifix. What the heck is this? Why is there a dead guy around this woman’s neck? Haha!

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