Zion Family Photo Hell

I just wanted a nice family portrait at Zion National Park. Nothing fancy. Just a couple rising red spires, a Mai Tai colored sunset, and us. The perfect family with a perfect Facebook cover photo to prove our obnoxious happiness. 

But someone didn’t share my vision. In fact, someone was working against me. 

I don’t want to name any names, but this “someone” could sense my neurotic desire to capture the “perfect” moment and insisted on doing what she wanted to do despite my pleas for cooperation.

121415It’s a good thing this certain someone is cute. 17

Despite the mutiny, we still got some decent shots. 

1 (1)1 (3)

I call this one my Georgia O’Keefe. 


1 (2)

1Perfect? Not sure, but I can’t really complain about these two.

Still, to compensate for the struggle, I took this revenge photo–the one I’ll bust out on someone’s first date. Muahahahaha! 



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  1. Very nice Stevie!!!!! The kids are having fun!!!!!! 🙂

  2. This is MUCH better!

  3. I hope you all the happiness in the world,thank you for sharing your awesome day!

  4. This post is just hilariously adorable!

  5. Perfect!!

  6. Agreed. And besides, I appreciate the wabi sabi aspect of crazy. It’s got much more panache than ‘perfect’ does.

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