Siurana: A medieval village in Spain

As we walked (you can’t drive) through this medieval village with cobblestone streets and winding passageways, I tried to picture the Moors in the 11th century fighting off the Christians, defending their last bastion in Spain. I wondered if anyone was burned centuries later outside the cathedral during the Inquisition, and then how the village again transformed during the Renaissance. 

As we drank our cafe con leches inside the local bar, a quaint place tucked inside a corner with a cascading verandah of flowers above, a local woman came in with her baby, a hefty boy of about 8 months. Immediately, the owner’s wife came out from the back and grabbed him, greedily, like a starved grandma, like he was the only baby in town. And he probably was. With a population of only 150, you stop everything to behold a new life when you can. 

The moral of the story: sometimes we live through dark ages, sometimes through enlightenment; beauty persists, regardless. 

I’m grateful to be in Spain. 

Check out the video…Soleil is a naughty girl. 😉 

Photo outtakes: 

img_0260 img_0261 img_0264 img_0268 img_0269 img_0339 img_0340 img_0341 img_0342 img_0345 img_0346 img_0350 img_0351 img_0352 img_0357 img_0358 img_0360 img_0361 img_0363 img_0364 img_0367

Salut! xo. img_0274


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  1. What a beautiful area! I would definitely like to check out the town & area when we finally visit Spain.

  2. You’re a natural storyteller, your videos reflect this wonderfully. You’ve been learning lots.

  3. That place is magical!! See you in Spain?

  4. Soleil is not naughty…. free spirited! Love it <3

  5. Que bello lugar !! Yo quiero ir!!!!

    • I loved that story!!! When I go to Madrid, I’m going to have to dine there for lunch. I would actually love to be a waitress there for a couple months. What an interesting experience that would be.

  6. keep the content coming

  7. Cobblestone roads! Aaah a blast to my past childhood! Love it <3 that's the beauty in Europe and South America!

  8. Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! I hope you’re having a wonderful day, and you are being spoiled!

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