6 years married, 10 years together. We celebrated with Picasso.

Last week was our 6yr married, 10yr together anniversary, but because of weather and climbing we couldn’t celebrate until today. And what a day it was! I LOVE our anniversary. The truth is that Tree and I spend so much time together, it’s hard to make one day stand apart from any other. But I never ever tire of sharing my days—the most mundane, and the most exciting—with this man. Today we went to the Picasso museum in Malaga, and then to lunch (Spanish lunch, it takes hours!). Picasso was born here in Malaga, so the collection felt personal and spanned his lifetime. My two favorites are posted here. One is a famous pose replicated by many artists, a scene taken from the bible—Susana and her old creepy voyeurs peering through the window.

Picasso twists her shape into impossible positions–as if she can shift and occupy all space at the same time– to both satisfy and mock the male gaze. Artist and muse, man and woman, the power dynamic conflates active and passive. Like boiling water, the tableau is controlled chaos threatening to spill over at any moment. 

But the other one, Man contemplating a sketch of his woman, is my favorite. Picasso painted it on the back of cigar box, clearly an impromptu inspiration, but it says so much to me about the human condition. Here is this man, himself in color, as filled in as he can see himself, earnestly gazing upon his beloved, the classic odalisque, in sketch.

She’s relaxed, untethered, a timeless silhouette. He can see her shape but no matter how hard he studies her, he can only guess what’s inside.

But don’t we all feel that way when we look upon our lovers? We want to fill them in, to know them like we know ourselves, but even our own images are incomplete. We are unfinished, works in progress. And our lovers? Unsolvable mysteries.

Even after 10 years of mad love, I can’t stop looking at Tree like this man looks at his lover. I want to know more. Forever.


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  1. Loved that cave. You guys are visiting all of our favorite places!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Celebrate everyday!!

  3. To the coolest couple on the planet!! Cheers!!

  4. happy anniversary you two! <3

  5. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Congrats you sexy kids

  7. ” Precious Darlings ” ~ <3

  8. Congratulations!

  9. Felicidades titanes

  10. Felicidades chicos…

  11. Congrats to both of you!!!!!!!

  12. Felicidades!

  13. Happy Anniversary!

  14. Your family is an inspiration

  15. Hey Guys, Great to see your smiling faces. Visit soon.

  16. Stevie you command emotion in your writing with such grace and elegance. You guys are so lucky and hard working. I know you all will be together forever roaming the world and inspiring me daily.

  17. Erin Hunter says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful post! I visited a Picasso museum in 2001 in Barcelona and was really mesmerized by his works!
    Love from Canada!

  18. Yay You! Yay Picasso!

  19. Buena vida chicos

  20. Congrats you two. Truly happy for you and your gorgeous family:)

  21. Ah, you two are relationship and lifestyle goals Cheers to you for many more amazing years!

  22. Happy Anniversary My Loves!!!

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