How to Homeschool WITHOUT a Home: Road-School

If I had euro, dollar, or peso for every time someone asked about Soleil’s education, we’d have an okay college fund started. I think most people are just curious. They want to know the nuts and bolts of our lifestyle, and schooling is an obvious hurdle. So, I decided to make a video that illustrates our approach, at least up until age 4. I’ll make more videos (coming soon!) to show what we’ve been doing this year. 

In short, we road-school, or world-school, both of which are fancy ways of saying we both explore and learn from our environment. But, as you’ll see, we include some forethought and structure to the adventure.

My hope in sharing this with you is to start a dialogue. If you have questions, please ask. If you have any ideas or resources to share on how to make learning fun, let us know.

I really do think the best way to teach a child is in a tribal setting where parents share responsibility for rearing the community’s children and kids learn by observing and interacting in their social setting, but since that’s a  long gone romantic idea, I’m employing the next best thing: the Internet! 

YOU are my tribe. Now let’s raise this kid! 🙂

After this video, I’m sure you’ll be left with questions. Perhaps like Anthony (the first comment on the below FB thread), you’ll think “She needs to be around other kids.” 

Well, that will be the topic of the next video. I will talk about the 2 biggest challenges we face as homeschoolers without a home. 

If you haven’t already, please click through to Youtube and subscribe to our channel.  And please help me cast a wide tribal net by sharing this video liberally.

Much love, 


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  1. Great explanation and vid Stevie!

  2. This is really wonderful Stevie, makes me want to go back in time a little, but no time like the present right? I really can’t wait to see the other installations. Truly valuable even if you are not fortunate enough to be living on the road. I’m just so proud and inspired by you, proud seems like a weird thing to say but it is the feeling at the forefront. I really wish I could figure out how to do this solo…where there’s a will there’s a way, and the will is building. Besos et bisous.

  3. Hi Stevie,

    I enjoyed this message, but I do wonder about your “I think most people are just curious” comment. Our family has embarked on a similar path to your family and I find that maybe half the people who ask are curious, the other half are incredulous (and some portion of that second half think we are certifiably insane). Someone the other day told us “Well, I guess she misses out on a lot of stuff with this lifestyle.” We were very taken aback. I guess our 4 y/o daughter does miss out on some stuff, but what she experiences in exchange is truly amazing.

    I should add that our family was helped into this lifestyle by following the Sprinter Life \ Nomadly adventures, along with others, so thank you so much for the inspirational nudge and keep doing what your doing.

  4. Gypsy Heart!

  5. Wonderful precious picture, Road school is the best.

  6. Nice video. Good parentlng.

  7. She is going to be un femme formidable when she grows up… like her mother.

  8. Anonymous says:

    She’s a lucky little lady! Love watching her grow!

  9. My daughter is a little over 3yo now, I got divorced some time ago but still I dream of living on the road and consequently road-schooling. I hope we can make it.
    Thank you for inspiration and information aka food for thought 🙂

    • Hi Sveta. Thanks for commenting…I love meeting new people, creating community. Living on the road can either be really lonely or incredibly expansive, I choose to embrace the latter. You know, since we’re slow-living, I’ve been doing more micro-adventure type stuff with Sol. You can always road-school once a month in your hometown (or vicinity). About where do you live? Maybe we could share ideas?

  10. Love it!!! Thank you for sharing!!

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