Sicily: A Road Trip to Cefalu, Taormina, Noto, Modica, and San Vito Lo Capo

Perhaps it's because I'd already been to Rome ten years before, or because my mother's side of the family hails from that volcanic rock being kicked by the boot; either way, our week spent in … [Read more...]

Christmas in Rome

We kicked off our holiday celebration in early December with a beautiful "fake plastic tree" in Tenerife. I never thought a Radiohead song would feel so Christmassy.  Soleil didn't … [Read more...]

Mount Teide: Our Very Own Active Volcano! (Yay?)

When we moved to Tenerife, there was a lot about this island we didn't know about, like the old vine wine region (score!) or the active volcano (....yay?). Teide hasn't blown since 1909, and we … [Read more...]

Marrakech, Morocco: Our First Trip to Africa

When we landed in Marrakech, and I walked across the tarmac into the curvaceous white concrete airport with large glass triangle windows flanked by gold paneling with star-shaped cut-outs -- … [Read more...]

We moved to the Canary Islands! Here’s why.

Remember the post about our first year plan in Europe? Ridiculous. I can't believe I wrote this: Our idea is to head to Eastern Europe (Bulgaria and Croatia? Suggestions?), then drop down into … [Read more...]

We fell in love with Millau, France. Here’s why.

We decided to spend the first half of summer in Millau for three reasons. To get my French back up to speed. (I went to Le Lycée Francais de Los Angeles from 1st to 9th grade and used to … [Read more...]

How to Honor Love? Ask a 4yr old.

Although most little kids couldn't define honor, they know how to honor the people they love. And we grownups should take notes.  How to honor love like a 4yr old:  1) Give … [Read more...]

San Sebastian: A Little “Pinxto” of Heaven

  There are two things to know about San Sebastian:   1) It's not Spain. Well, it is, technically--but not really. To the people who live there, San Sebastian is called Donostia … [Read more...]

A Quick Stop to Smell the Roses in Madrid

After a standout week in Seville, we hit the road to Madrid, about a 5.5 hr drive. Along the way, we passed Trujillo in Extremadura, where hundreds of the conquistadors hailed, including some of … [Read more...]

Six Must-Dos in Seville: 1) Smell Horseshit Mixed with Car Exhaust

I don't usually write these "must-do!" travel pieces, mostly because they lack narrative and I'm all about the story, or even just rambling, but our week in Seville fits the format. So here we … [Read more...]

Climbing in Soleil’s Cragdom

I think when we're old, Tree and I will look back on our family climbing days as some of the best days of our lives.  Sure, it's a lot of effort. I have to get up extra early, make lunches, … [Read more...]

Malaga, Spain: This is what “high livability” looks like

A view overlooking Málaga from atop Castle Gibralfaro.  Our time in Málaga, an Andalusian port town hailed for its high "livability," has been pretty spectacular. At first I was annoyed by … [Read more...]

How to Homeschool WITHOUT a Home: Road-School

If I had euro, dollar, or peso for every time someone asked about Soleil's education, we'd have an okay college fund started. I think most people are just curious. They want to know the nuts … [Read more...]

3 Things Spain Does Better Than Us

A few months before I met Tree, as a pre-30th birthday present to myself, I backpacked solo around Europe--8 countries in 5 weeks. While I managed to see countless museums, historical sites, and … [Read more...]

6 years married, 10 years together. We celebrated with Picasso.

Last week was our 6yr married, 10yr together anniversary, but because of weather and climbing we couldn’t celebrate until today. And what a day it was! I LOVE our anniversary. The truth is that Tree … [Read more...]