Where are we??? The right guess wins a bottle of our best wine….

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This Just In!!! After a 3-0 family vote, the Whitehouse Crawford Restaurant in Walla Walla has officially surpassed King Estate as the best dinner of 2010!

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A Woman Scorned

It pains me that my very own fiancé has committed such a shameful act of treason (see prior post). There I was resting my weary head, beaten down from a brutal day of battle, and rather than offering … [Read more...]

There’s a war going on out there no one is safe from!

For the record, what we do out here is not for the faint of heart. The objective of our mission is always simple. But make no bones about it, “there’s a war going on out there no one is safe from”! … [Read more...]

Walla Where???

Walla Walla, Washington. Where the hell, right??? Exactly. Walla Walla is a tucked away country town turned wine region in south eastern Washington. That is where we find ourselves, and not by … [Read more...]

There’s no place like home

I never realized how often people ask me where I live until I moved into a van.  At first I lied (and Tree did too).  It just seemed so much easier than trying to explain that I was … [Read more...]

From Fine Wine to the Y-Not???

The day started off innocent enough. Cheryll and Stevie took Kiki hiking through a poison oak forest while I went paddle boarding on the Columbia. After watching them pull stickers out of her fur with … [Read more...]

Toyo M-55 – Built for Military Vehicles, Commercial Big Rigs, and 1 Sprinter Van

Although we are still in Oregon drinking fine wine, we’ve been realizing that our date for crossing the border into Mexico is rapidly approaching. We’ve loved this northern part of our road trip, but … [Read more...]

You get what you need

We were supposed to be enjoying sunshine and surf on the Oregon coast, but Mother Nature had something more akin to a cold winter in mind for us.  At first we were disappointed, maybe even … [Read more...]


Because when someone bites you, you frikin bite back!!!  TREE … [Read more...]

We love you Indra, Brent, Nica, Theo, Jeremy, and Pornos!

Seattle is such a great city for so many reasons.  For one, it’s home to Indra (Tree’s sister), Brent, Nica, and Theo, and words cannot express how much we love hanging out with them. On this … [Read more...]

Lonesome No More!

We are up in Bellingham this week with Tree’s family….MY family!  I’m so happy that I’m marrying into a tribe that is so warm, welcoming, and teeming with strong women. I definitely believe that … [Read more...]


CCompared to most couples, Tree and I spend a lot of time together, basically all of our time together, so we weren’t too concerned about spending 16 days alone on a raft, floating down the Colorado … [Read more...]

Possible Censorship? READ THIS

Hey everyone,So, it appears that we may be under censorship. In the Cuba post below I had a link to a photo album of all our Cuba photos. Stevie spent a lot of time writing detailed captions for each … [Read more...]

Patria O Muerte – Cuba Rocks!!!

Note: Sorry for the massive delay in getting these pictures up online. We forgot our camera in cuba and it took months to get it sent back to the US. Click here to view our photo album and read … [Read more...]