Patria O Muerte – Cuba Rocks!!!

Note: Sorry for the massive delay in getting these pictures up online. We forgot our camera in cuba and it took months to get it sent back to the US. Click here to view our photo album and read … [Read more...]

Dinner with Outdoorplay

The food in Hood River is excellent. There are a dozen restaurants that all qualify as ‘great’. The hardest part is choosing where to go on our short visit. Last night we had a wonderful dinner at 6th … [Read more...]

The current hang – Hood River, Oregon

Witness the amazing view we have out of the front window of the house we are staying at right now! This shot was taken in the middle of winter, but you get the idea of the magnificence of this … [Read more...]

Seriously, We View This As A Job!

To all of our wine loving fans, please know that we are not slacking off! Rest assured we are taking this very seriously. We arrived in the Columbia Gorge 48 hours ago and have so far hit 9 wineries … [Read more...]

This Just In – We like Pinot!!!

Who’d-a-thunk-it! Yesterday we cruised the Wineries in the middle Willamette Valley. In typical Oregon fashion the day started out sunny and beautiful but quickly turned cold, rainy and stormy … [Read more...]

Eugene Oregon – Thumbs Up!

We had a great time in the town of Eugene, OR. It was a liberal haven in the land of flying dixie flags. We spent a lot of time at the Wandering Goat, a super cool punk rock coffee shop that would've … [Read more...]

In Oregon? Go to HillCrest Winery!

If you find yourself in Southern Oregon you absolutely MUST go to HillCrest Winery. We stumbled on it, or maybe the universe directed us there, but either way this place is off the charts. The owner, … [Read more...]

Rule #4 Never Disappoints!

We continue to have amazing luck while following Family Rule #4. For those of you who are new to the blog, Family Rule #4 states… Always sample local food and beverage when it is titled "Famous" … [Read more...]

Rogue River – Mission Accomplished

We’re back safe and sound from the 4 days adventure down the Rogue River. We enjoyed beautiful sunny weather every day. Temps got into the 80s. We hit every line in every rapid. Nature cooperated and … [Read more...]

Hit Pause…

Well, we’re not on the Rogue River tonight! When we woke up this morning it was 50 degrees and raining. I had told Stevie it would be beautiful even though the forecast called for stormy weather the … [Read more...]

Next Up – Rogue River Rafting Adventure

Well, tomorrow morning we start a 4 day rafting trip down the Rogue River which flows through the mountains of Southern Oregon. And this river is a GEM. It’s one of the original 8 rivers in the US … [Read more...]

The things we see as Nomads

What we see on the winding roads of NorCal…1) Trees- many, many beautiful Old Growth Redwood trees.2) Holes in Trees- it seems that every small town with a big tree between Fort Bragg and Grant’s Pass … [Read more...]

Camping in the Redwoods

Our experience camping in the Redwoods was perfecto. After driving the Avenue of Giants we snagged a beautiful camp site under a canopy of 200 foot tall old growth trees. We hiked, we made a campfire, … [Read more...]

Wine Tasting Mendocino

We left Fort Bragg Friday morning and cruised our way up Highway 101. The Northern California coast is absolutely beautiful. Seriously, this place is rugged and untouched. Huge Redwood forests meet … [Read more...]

Tree’s Special Talent

Tree has a very unique talent. He is able to sit down in front of a computer and literally not move for 12 hours. Since we’ve been in Fort Bragg I don’t even think he’s left the house. He’s just been … [Read more...]