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  1. Try this song out for size…if you like…he”s got an amazing selection of excellent music on Youtube too!
    Peace and Love~

  2. Now who did this make me think of. . .?

    Still watching you guys cavort about the hemisphere, keep it up. Congrats on the baby, she (? if I remember correctly) will be a unique and beautiful individual.



  4. Anonymous says:

    Much love and respect to my friends in Peru. God bless and congrats on your new blessing. The Lorenzo’s send all our love. Peace be with you on your new adventure.

  5. Had this posted in another section………

    True fact: I love you guys! My wife and I are Nomadic Souls. We had our own amazing journey that included, among many other things, crossing the Pacific on a 46′ sailboat. We came home, bought the house, aquired things, and realized “Welp…..this doesn’t work for us”. Our feet are itchy and our Souls are restless. Our time to again go explore this vast and beautiful world is nigh upon us. Though it will be a bit more tricky this time around (we are now a family of 4!), we are committed. I’m not jealous of your LIFEstyle, I am inspired by it. Perhaps we’ll cross paths along the way.

    Honor the journey, My Friends.


  6. Hello Sprinters – I was with the Canadian girl who recognized you in the LA airport last month (I think it was LA!). One can never forget an experience like that but just in case you are constantly being approached for your autograph, we were the ones heading to Bolivia. Carol (the Canadian girl) forwarded me your blog site so I went on this morning and enjoyed a few stories. I must say that some of your photos are amazing – very well done.

    As young people, I have to congratulate you on your choice of lifestyle. It will never bring diamonds and furs but it will bring you a knowledge of the world that can never be purchased or learned from a living room. I have been travelling (on and off) for 40 years now and still feel that I have just barely touched the surface. There is so much to learn and do. Oh I do sound like an oldster!

    Keep up the blog so you might inspire someone else to follow in your foot steps. And try out Bolivia — it is still third world, easy to reach from Arequipa and once off the gringo trail, is empty of other travelers.


  7. Tree-

    I read read your post from the salt flats of Bolivia. You are NUTS! Going from a 5-star hotel because it might get a little cold, to full on in-the-nude! You guys crack me up


  8. Dear Tree and Stevie,

    I have to thank you both for being so awesome. The past few years you have been a huge source of inspiration for me and I honestly see you as some of my role models.

    Traveling myself all throughout the world, taking part in so many adventures, meeting so many people…I was always sure that I would never get married. How could I? Why would I? After all, marriage binds you to one place, keeps you locked in an office or some other job that is now permanent….meaning the rest of your life, slaving for a house that you spend the rest of your life working for…..right? I must say, you have simultaneously completely shattered my idea of marriage and strengthened my belief in following my heart and dreams.

    If it wasn’t for your example I would still be contemplating whether to marry my fiancé or not. She is the kind of girl you meet and then a few years later wish you never had because she’s so awesome, thinking “ I don’t want to get married…..maybe she’s only awesome now….it’s a trap….she’ll change…she just wants to get married and that’s why she’s awesome now… .Run!!!!”

    You guys showed me it’s possible. It’s possible to be married, sharing a life with someone and not conforming to how “others” think you should live and that marriage is not a death sentence….it’s something beautiful and can be one of the most amazing adventures you could ever undertake. It doesn’t compromise your dreams but strengthens them when you have the right person.

    Anytime I would contemplate the idea of marriage you guys would pop up in my mind. Thanks for giving me the push.

    Timothy – Mexico City

    • Hey Timothy,

      Firstly, I’m so sorry for the delay in my response. As you know per the blog, we’ve been back and forth to Piedra Parada, so I’ve fallen behind with all things internet related.

      Secondly, thank you so much for the kind words. It makes me so happy that by sharing our experiences, we’ve been managed to encourage you to follow your dreams AND your heart, because, as I used to say to Tree years ago back when he sounded A LOT like you ( “After all, marriage binds you to one place, keeps you locked in an office or some other job that is now permanent….meaning the rest of your life, slaving for a house that you spend the rest of your life working for…..right”), love and dreams are not mutually exclusive. In fact, when it’s good–real good–they work together as a team. As you said at the end, “It doesn’t compromise your dreams but strengthens them when you have the right person.”

      I am thrilled that you have found your lady. It’s magic, and you must believe in it on a daily basis to keep it. Stoke the fire, be grateful, show your love and appreciation on a daily basis. There will be tough patches, but remember that with love, respect, compassion, commitment, and a willingness to laugh together, your ‘difficulties’, once resolved, will have made you better people and brought you closer together.

      There’s nothing more amazing than the love you share…and the best part is that it keeps growing!

  9. Hi, I was wondering how many miles you have on your van now, and if you have experienced any real problems. As well, have you found it easy to get around once you went south of Panama, as in the roads in south america. I would be interested to hear your thoughts.



    • Hey Mike. We have roughly 110k miles now, and aside from blowing our Turbo Resonator in Honduras, we haven’t had any problems. (We replaced the Turbo Resonator with a steel one, much better, no problems since). Yes, getting around in the Sprinter in South America is very easy. Sometimes finding secured parking could be difficult because of our height, but we always found a way, eventually.

      Sounds like you’re planning a fun trip! If you have any more questions, let us know. Best of luck to you.

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