I believe in Dāna, the Buddhist practice of cultivating generosity by giving freely from the heart.

The idea is pretty simple. I share my bounty in life, and life shares back. There’s no need to keep track tit-for-tat; the law of reciprocity takes care of that. Of course, that doesn’t mean good vibes provide complete sustenance. The fact is we need money to survive. 

Still, when I was creating Nomadly in Love, I loathed the idea of creating a membership site, one with dues and offers of exclusivity. It pained me to think I would be 1) denying someone access for lack of funds, or 2) feel pressured to create mass-appeal, commodifiable content. 

In life, and especially here at Nomadly in Love, I want to create from the heart, give freely from my heart, and be beholden only to my heart.

In other words, I want to be authentic. 

heart leaf

Aside from keeping the site free from ads and membership dues, and sharing our journey through photos, essays and recipes, I’d also like to offer gifts–from gear guides to manifestos–that support you in living inspired. 



My first one is a short e-book called “Learning to Fly: How to Give Up the Shit that Weighs You Down.” This book isn’t just about how to de-clutter your life of too much stuff; it’s also about de-cluttering your mind of beliefs and habits that don’t serve your dreams. Please download it, share it, enjoy it! And when you have a moment, please write me a note with your thoughts. 

Learning to Fly: How to Give Up the Shit that Weighs You Down, COMING SOON! (I wanted to be done before we switched from Sprinter Life to Nomadly in Love but that didn’t quite happen. Hold won’t be long!


How to Reciprocate: 

The most appreciated way to give back is to keep doing what you’re already doing: read, comment, share! I love the community that’s been steadily growing around our journey, making our world at once more cozy and expansive. I’m truly inspired by the energy of exponential connections, so again, please just keep reading, commenting, and sharing! 
Aside from that, there are two other options: 
You can become a monthly patron, joining the loyal readers who continue to make Nomadly in Love possible.

Dāna options


Or, you can become a one-time patron with a single donation in any amount:


Whatever you choose, I am extremely grateful for your present– and mostly your presence. You are the best part of Nomadly in Love. 






  1. Glorified beggars

    • We agree. Corporate Welfare and Crony Capitalism are just like glorified begging! But, really, Anonymous, we’d appreciate it if you kept your comments relevant to the topic at hand, which is Dana. Thanks!

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