4 Year Anniversary of Sprinter Life

Four years ago I talked Stevie into moving in with me.  We had already been living together in Venice, but I had something different in mind.  By "in", I meant into my van, which, in a lonely way, I … [Read more...]

Waiting for the miracle…

Thirty eight weeks. Waiting for the miracle...   … [Read more...]

A Baby Is Coming…

Ok, a new baby is coming. We're gonna need to get some stuff ready, right? Let's see, where to start... where to start? I know, let's dig out the baby shower gifts. Bottles, check. Breast pump, … [Read more...]

Counting Down The Days…

  We got some interesting criticism regarding my last blog post, Kill Your Television. Thought I'd share a couple of samples...   >>>So the writer of this article actually … [Read more...]

My Last Weekend Away – Part #2

As indicated in the title above, this is part 2 of my last trip away before our baby is born. (read part 1 here) After spending a couple of days rock climbing at Hatun Machay, I dropped down into … [Read more...]

My Last Weekend Away – Part #1

Stevie brought to my attention that I've been charging a little extra hard lately. I've been on a non-stop climbing and biking mission since we arrived in Lima. Perhaps it's the anticipation of the … [Read more...]

Another Ear Surgery & A Baby Update

I know, just what you wanted. Another ear post. Got to bring you up to date as to why there has been no surfing despite epic swells. It's been one complication after another and my ears are still … [Read more...]

“Perhaps the best mountain biking trail in the world…”

Mountain Bike magazine called it... "Perhaps the best mountain biking trail in the world" Mike Brcic, owner of Sacred Rides, the most prestigious mountain bike travel company in the world, … [Read more...]

Brother arrives bearing gifts!

Sprinter Life received a surprise visitor last week. On a last minute whim, my brother Adam flew down to see us. We were both VERY stoked to see him. We love this guy!!!! Since we only go back … [Read more...]

My Best Forward Somersault – Hatun Machay

Following one of Stevie's beautiful, brilliantly written, super popular blog posts is never easy. It's like you just saw the highwire acrobatic grand finale at a Cirque du Soleil show, then I … [Read more...]

Rock Climbing Peru

A couple weeks ago I joined the climbing gym here in Lima to test the waters on getting back into the sport. I only had to put in a couple training sessions before the guys who run the gym offered me … [Read more...]

Mountain Biking Lima

One of the great things we love about our lifestyle is that we're always meeting new people. We're starting to connect up with new people in Lima now. Last weekend our new friend Royce invited me … [Read more...]

Pico Alto Big Wave Event brings an old friend to Lima…

We just had a surprise visit from our good friend, Richard Hallman. He busted down to Peru last minute for the 2012 Pico Alto Big Wave World Tour event. Stevie and I get very excited when visitors … [Read more...]

Really, that’s what a placenta is?

Now that we're finally settled in Lima we've begun a flurry of baby preparation. This includes buying all the stuff we're gonna need, you know, like diapers and stuff that babies use. ?????  Needless … [Read more...]

Big City Life…

All the big cities in Central/South America have a couple of things in common, and Lima is no different. 1) They all have a beautiful cathedral(s) located in the center of the city... 2) And … [Read more...]