Nice to meet you! An introduction to Nomadly in Love…

Rock Climbing Piedra Parada, Argentina. Our favorite family climbing/camping trip ever…

Road tripping through Bolivia….

Soleil’s First 6 Weeks…

Road tripping through Northern Peru…

The Nomad Tribe Wedding



  1. She is too precious.

  2. I LOVE her voice.

  3. Cute cute.

  4. jingle bells!

  5. Too cute!

  6. I think it’s funny that she gets the joke. She cracks herself up, little stinker.

  7. How cute!

  8. Linda, preciosa

  9. Precious!!

  10. She loves music!!!

  11. Jackie, she really does! I can’t wait until she gets to have a lesson with Uncle Beckett. 馃檪

  12. This was how he was too with singing and playing.

  13. Adorable!

  14. Ayyy dios miooo Tatita sos tan hermoosa con tu voz desafinada, tus pelos despeinados, y tu talento intacto! Te adoro peque帽a!!!!! <3

  15. Cute

  16. This made my week. Thank you.

  17. Que linda Stevie! Que siga cantando y tocando la guitarra!

  18. Awesome!!! When I meet her do you mind if I teach her a slipknot song? En espanol !

  19. Love it! 鉂わ笍

  20. she even rolls her “R” omg too cute!

  21. Andrea Greever – and when she speaks english she has the cutest little Argentine accent! I hope she never loses that.

  22. Loved the corrrrrrrrrrrrazone

  23. I adore her.

  24. Thats so awesome!!! Filled my heart 鈾♀櫋

  25. Elbert, hells yeah we’ll take some acoustic Slipknot!

  26. She’s Awesome!!

  27. ahhhhhdorable!

  28. Ortra vez que veo Soleil!

  29. I am sooooo in love with her!!! BRAVO!!

  30. Ariana L贸pez Salvador – she is practicing a song for you. 馃檪

  31. aaaawww really?? WOOOW SOUND GOOD IF IS OF HER HEART 馃檪

  32. Siempre toca desde su corazon!

  33. Solei rockstar

  34. Get that girl some lessons. She has heart, is beautiful and talented!

  35. Yes, we’ll get her some lessons at some point. But check out that natural strum!

  36. Que hermosa!!!

  37. I love it!!! So cute!

  38. Adorable

  39. I want a signed copy of her first release!

  40. Tree needs a bigger bongo

  41. I just showed Abigail, she’s in! Officially joined the band.

  42. What a cutie!!!!

  43. Oh tatitaaa vamos todos all谩!! q pedazo de banda! me gusto el final de ir a la plaiaaa.TE AMO TATITA <3

  44. She is so damn cute

  45. She’s amazing!!! Does she use more Spanish or English when she talks or Spanglish? She’s so lucky to have such a good agent 馃槈

    • She speaks Spanish to me and English to Tree, and with other people she’ll speak according to each person’s ability. She’s pretty good about not speaking Spanglish, but sometimes we all do because it just works so damn well 馃檪

  46. a donde vamos -a la playa. i could just die that was so cute.

    • That’s my favorite part too. We like to change the ending to suit our needs…sometimes it’s the playa, sometimes it’s rock climbing, sometimes it’s a la tienda …..:)

  47. This makes me smiles!!

  48. Her Spanish is awesome

  49. You’re a good daddy Tree.
    (And of course Stevie- your amazing ness goes w/out saying).

  50. Fantastic!!!

  51. Vamos a la playa!!

  52. Way to cute!!! They jam wonderfully together!!!!

  53. Saudades de vcs tres

  54. Que lindos muy tierno el video

  55. Oh m g!!! She is so darn adorable!!!

  56. A la playa!

  57. Por dios!!! Jajajjaa love her so much! Singing in spanish!! Nice!

  58. She is so adorable!

  59. wow mi soleil, muy linda, vuelvan a Bolivia!!!

  60. #betterthanbrittanyalready

  61. Kickass!! I wanna buy the 8 track!!

  62. My baby girl rocks! Yey!

  63. I see stardom on the horizon…

  64. Sweet

  65. What a dimension she has brought to your life! So obvious!

  66. Tree, you’re good too!

  67. My almost-two-year-old friend Leif is entranced by this video. He had me play it over and over. He wants to know the name of their band.

    Later in the day he was talking to himself, saying 鈥淗e was playing with the drums, and she was playing with the guitar, and he was playing with the drums鈥”

  68. Fabulous!

  69. Carinita!

  70. Gospel!

  71. You scare me andre!

  72. Everyone needs to watch My Dinner With Andre!

  73. Great film. Should watch again.

  74. ” Wow! ~ This is why I love my favorite quote, ” We have to continually Reorient ourselves ” ~ 馃檪


  76. Has always been one of my favorite movies. Really simple and brilliant.

  77. I own this movie. Been showing it to my philosophy class for years.

    • IDK- that set my assertionometer off. Sounds like he thinks robots are baaad- right? But… if they WANT to be robots…. that makes us better than them?? BTW- I peeked ahead a few chapters- no one survives in the end- jusayin’….. We are all just prisoners here- of our own device….

  78. YES!!

  79. Scary!

  80. One of my favorite movies of all time! Saw it when I lived in NYC, but I got out!

  81. Holy shit! I love this.

  82. So cute! ! I wish I understood Spanish. :/

    • Well, she starts off in Spanish asking her baby if she wants to hear another song, and then she goes into the song which isn’t exactly in any language, but it sounds pretty! She’s been into making up words and composing gibberish sounding songs lately.

  83. Best way to wake up this morning! Thank you Sol

  84. OMG Sol is so cute and so sweet with her baby.

  85. Hmmm, I speak English and Spanish but I still couldn’t understand her song hahaha

  86. Oh my goodness. Such a sweet voice. Love her and you too.

  87. She could not be cuter.

  88. Awwwww… moments!!!

  89. That sweet little voice and curly mop top … She is a blessing.

  90. Que Linda! Que buena t茅cnica de ba帽o …. Que padre estos momentos q los atesoras

  91. Que bella Stevie!

  92. Precious. I have enjoyed watching your baby grow up on Facebook!

  93. Hermosaa soley.!!! Saludos de mendoza

  94. Too cute!!

  95. Wow, she has really grown!!!!! Cutie Petutie!

  96. WoW Soleil cantas hermoso, estas bella

  97. Flippin cute. After all this time in the states, she is still leaning towards Espanol?

    • She is! But her English has come along. Although in this video, she’s kind of singing her own language….not sure what she’s saying, but it’s soothing for baby 馃檪

    • I thought it was her own language, I listened to it twice, but it definitely has a Spanish lilt!

    • Agreed. It’s definitely a made-up “Spanish” language, which makes sense. Normally when she talks to herself (or to her babies) in imaginary games, it’s always in real Spanish. Lately she’s been making up these more gibberish songs though. I think she’s really into using voice as an instrument, not as an actual method of communication. Or that’s what I tell me to feel better about the gibberish 馃槈 haha

  98. Holy Crap that is CUTE!!!

  99. Es tan hermosa!!!!

  100. What a good Momma she’ll be!!!

  101. OMG !!!! How cute is she !!!

  102. You would

  103. Thanks for sharing. Good job mom n dad.

  104. is she improvising her own composition?

  105. She is just gorgeous, love you xx

  106. When are you leaving for the UAE? Will you be teaching?

  107. Que belleza de Nina ,

  108. What a beauty – just like her mama! Her hair is incredible, those incredible!

  109. We’ll be in Mendoza, so no real halloween for us either. I really miss that holiday when I don’t get to celebrate it. How exciting for you!!!! You’ve been all over the world teaching. So awesome!

  110. Soleil saw the curly hair and immediately asked if it was her! So cute! Thank you for sharing this with us 馃檪

  111. Love love love you guys!!!!!

  112. I cant wait to see you!

  113. Me too! I can’t get enough. We probably tickle her way too much.

  114. Nice job with the Gustavo voice over.. Too funny! “I’m in the union.”

  115. It makes me giggle every time.

  116. Yay! That makes me happy!

  117. She is going to have genius level social skills! I couldn’t stop smiling through the whole thing. The voice and engagement of Gustavo was priceless … and those giggles. Melts my heart.

  118. She has your laugh, giggles, and mannerisms. She is a little miracle. This makes me happy.

  119. I can’t wait for Soleil and Gustavo part ll

  120. I’m still giggling:)

  121. Wow, she’s sure growing up fast. Sweet darling…

  122. Too cute

  123. How cute.

  124. A child who will Change the world

  125. adorable!!!

  126. Not cute at all… 馃檪 #adorable

  127. Gustavo and sol need to come to my work and entertain. Love this.

  128. She gets prettier every day!

  129. girl’s a go pro…

  130. hermosa

  131. Omgosh precious!

  132. Good for her, she is so smart!!!!! We’ll she has learned from her parents, who evidently teach her well!!!! She seems to love it!!!!!!! 馃檪

  133. Ya los estamos aprendiendo. Tres bien! Encore! Allez! 馃檪

  134. per路se路ver路ance! What a great way to build character!

  135. She is so cute!!!

  136. I’m so excited!!!! It’s AMAZING! Thank you sweetie for sharing. xo!

  137. This little one is quite an entertainer

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